5 Minutes to Flawless (or at Least Presentable)

I have made no secret of the fact that punctuality is one of my, errr, “less strong” suits…

In the past, you could classify me as an actual Always Late Person. But these days, I’m more like a Just Give Me a Few More Minutes, I’m Right Around the Corner! Person.

Why the change? Since having kids and marrying the world’s most punctual man (hello, honey!) I am now keeping a closer eye on the clock. While I am still working toward being 100% on time, all the time, I am proud to say I’m doing much better.

And since my days involve seeing other people over the age of 4 only about 50 percent of the time, I do have to put in some effort to how I look for that half the time. (Ugh.)

And as you know if you’ve been hanging around here for a while, I love makeup… And I love skin products! I do! But to do the whole FACE [insert Tyra Banks Smize™ here] thing, every time I walk out the door?

…Especially yours truly.

So in the interest of getting out the door on (relative) time, here are a few products I rely on all the time! Be polished, be natural… be only10 minutes late, instead of 30.

(Hey, you gotta start somewhere.)

1 – Combination Foundation & SPF

I love a natural-looking finish for daily wear, and I’ve lately been loyal to two brands.

First, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you know I dig my IT Cosmetics CC Cream. This one does give a heavier coverage, so think of it as more of a light foundation than just a sheer wash.

Then, my Beautycounter Dew Skin in #3 gives me the most natural, sheer coverage that also acts as an SPF. I just discovered this formula and I’m in love with how it makes my skin feel.

2 – Natural Concealer

I’m all for some full-on coverage (like this one) when it’s time to vamp it up, but during daylight hours and in the checkout line at Target, let’s be honest, ladies, we don’t need to flex face like that.

That’s why the natural coverage that this concealer provides is perfect. It tackles my dark circles like a boss, but also has a gorgeous natural finish.

3 – Black Mascara

When you’re not doing the whole base/shadow/liner deal, you still need some decent definition to your lash line, so only black mascara will do.

So curl up those lashes, and pick a formula that gives good volume and length without flaking. Super simple. I’m currently bouncing between this one, that gives a more dramatic look, and this one, which is very… I’m about to coin a term here, so stay with me… “fluff-i-fying.”

Yes. Fluffifying. That’s the word I’m looking for.

4 – Rosy Cheeks and Nude Lips

A pinch of color on your cheeks goes a loooong way toward waking up your face. I put a dab of this cream blusher on the apples of my cheek and blend outward. This is honestly the best double-duty product I’ve ever tried. I actually own both the Hibiscus color and the Caramel shade, and use them both equally. The Hibiscus will give you a noticeable flush, while the Caramel will show up as a peachy nude. Gorge.

For a simple (and super soft!) nude lip, a great liner and a good basic balm like these two will do the trick.

5 – That Bronze Glow

Go light-handed on this step, since you already have color on your cheeks. I usually take an angled brush and apply a bronzer like this one or this one, swiping a little across the top of my forehead, along my jawline and a under my cheekbones. The light touch gives the most natural-looking contour, and keeps you from looking washed out.

What are your go-to products these days for a good basic face? I’d love to hear in Comments below!

P.S. I’m mildly obsessed with dry brushing, and three serums I always have in rotation on my vanity.

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger. Reach out if you want to talk, weigh in or commiserate! Sonni@SonniAbatta.com.

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