My New Venture

Quick: What’s the one thing you should do when you feel like your plate is so full that it’s actually spilling over to the edge, sort of smeared and smashed onto the countertop, and piling up in little bits onto the floor below?

If you’re me, there’s only one answer: Add more to it.

That’s right! I am starting something new. A new venture that I have already begun, and it’s something that I’m so crazy excited about, I don’t even mind the figurative healing pile of crap it’s leaving on the floor below me.

I’ve started a podcast!

*waits for round of thunderous applause, hears crickets, moves on*

If you know anything about my history, I spent my professional years working as a TV news anchor and reporter. A professional talker. (Side note: Quite the surprising career choice for a formerly-quiet kid who was known to bring stacks of books to family functions and bury her head in them with the intensity that defined the phrase “book worm.”)

So here’s the deal. I love writing. I love telling you guys all about cool new products I’ve discovered, little tricks that make this #momlife gig a little easier, and regaling you with stories of my utter incompetence as a parent. And that’s why I’m loving blogging so much. But now, you get to hear me talk about them right into those pretty little ears of yours!

And I’m even dragging on some friends I’ve made over the years to get their thoughts and expert advice. I’ve been klighting my little rotary phone on fire over here getting in touch with people who have stories and advice and information worth sharing, and I just can’t wait to pass that all along to you.

You guys? I can’t wait to do this and bring you all along for the ride. I’ve always said (WARNING: CORNINESS AHEAD) that I feel a calling to share information, to share stories, and this podcast allows me to do that so much more than I can here.

But no worries! I will still be posting here regularly as well, and with the same frequency too.

I’ve already started taping and will let you know when it’s up and ready for download, but stay tuned! I can’t wait for this next chapter, with all of you awesome people by my side!

And by all means, reach out! I’d love to hear from you to see which types of guests YOU want to hear. Email me here!

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