My Non-Schedule Schedule for Lockdown While Working from Home

quarantine lockdown schedule for work from home moms

It should tell you everything you need to know about my level of craftiness as a mother when I tell you the “contribution” I recently made to a mom’s Play and Learn Facebook Group was posting about what Netflix show I put on to hypnotize the kids. (Hypnotize was the word I used, yes, and the show is Booba. You’re welcome.)

I’m not opposed to the idea of sitting down with my kids and doing an art project or a puzzle, but it’s just not what I immediately gravitate toward doing when I have free time. These days in particular, when we are all locked in the house for most of the day, I’ve got to prioritize.

I’m looking to get the kids’ school work done, clean up the house a bit, and squeeze out whatever time is left over to get in some work.

Blogging and podcasting is obviously a job that is incredibly flexible. So let’s just acknowledge that at the outset. This won’t be the (non-) schedule for you if you have to physically be in front of your computer for meetings, or following other strict deadlines.

That being said, here is a great (quotes added for emphasis) “schedule” for work-from-home moms that works for me.

7:15 wakeup. 

Since Andrew has been working outside of the house, he is gracious enough to give me an hour of time in the morning to work out. Last week, I walked and ran outside (and got coughed on quite a bit. Yay!). This week, I’m reassessing how I’ll be working out. But this will be the time I do it.

8:30, Breakfast & School Work.

For us, it’s worked best to get right on the school work as soon as breakfast is done. My son, who’s in first grade, is motivated by the concept of “start early, finish early.” So this is the time where we pack in all the school work he has for the day. We break for about 5 minutes between subjects.

My Pre-K daughter also does her school projects during this time. Our 2.5 year old just continues drawing all over her face with lip gloss in some yet-to-be-found corner of the house. (I’d tell you I’m working on this but the truth is I kinda dig the extra quiet time.)

10:30, Wrap Up & Clean Up.

By this point in the morning we are usually done with the written portion of his homework. So I give him and his sisters a little screen break while I clean up the kitchen, do some laundry and listen to a podcast.

11:00, Chore Time.

I’m using this time at home to finally grow into the role of Head Bitch in Charge that I always dreamed I would be.

I kid. Mostly. But seriously, I am using this extra time at home to teach the kids how to care for their own things. That involves them making their beds, putting their dirty clothes into the laundry room, and helping to clean up the play area.

11:30, Outside Time or Yoga Time.

Have you tried Pokémon Yoga yet? Because you need to.

This is the block of time I generally try to get them outside for some time on the Swingset, or in front of the TV for some Cosmic Kids Yoga. The host is adorable, and the kids really have fun with it. They also have Fairy Floss Yoga, Princess Yoga… the whole lot. It’s a really great channel!

12:15, Car Time.

Because I need it, mainly. This is also the point in the day where I start maniacally checking the clock and convincing myself that it has to be almost nighttime yet because holy crap… and of course it is not.

We pop into the car and drive through Starbucks, or do a “drive-by” at a friend or family member’s house. Window waves for everyone!!! (Seriously, I’m struggling so much right now not being able to hug my mom and dad and visit my sister. But we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do.)

Oh, and you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you anyway… It’s moments like these where the minivan pays for itself in dividends. F*** I love this car.

1:00 or Appointed Time, Virtual Class Meetings.

The time of these meetings changes daily. But when they fall in the afternoon we make sure, of course, to be back and prepared.

2:00, I Beg My Kids to Read.

To be honest, some days I’m more successful than others. But I try to get in some reading time for them at least once a day. While they read, or in the case of the younger ones, watch some TV, I fold laundry and chill. Quiet time all around.

3:00-4:00, Back Outside.

We either walk around the neighborhood or they hop into the pool for a while.

5:00, Podcast Interviews, Writing & More.

I book all my interviews for the hours when Andrew is back from work. (I’ve successfully navigating interviewing one person so far during the day, while alone with the kids, and I gave the Mute button on Zoom a workout… but somehow did it. But I highly do not recommend this tactic.)

6:00, Dinner, Baths and Start Bedtime Routines.

We usually eat early when the world is, well, not in the grips of a pandemic. But we’ve really loosened up our regular programming since being on lockdown. I find that the kids burn most of their energy at night, so if they’re running around and getting tired, I’m not going to get in the way!

9:00 and Beyond, Netflix and … Well, Something.

As Mikey said in one of the best movies of all time ever made (SHUT YOUR MOUTH IT’S TRUE), The Goonies, “This is OUR TIME!!!!” I cannot tell you how fiercely I protect this this sanctified moment of my day. I’m usually burned out, a tad grumpy, and ready to not be asked a series of rapid-fire questions on snacks, screen-time permissions, Where is my [fill in the blank] and more. So I heat up a mug of my Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao Mix, pop a Prima, and chill.

As my dad would always say when we were growing up, “Tomorrow’s another day.” And by this point, I’m ready to relax and put off everything until then.

So there you have it. The perfect non-schedule schedule for all my fellow non-crafty, I-just-need-to-make-it-through-the-damn-day Moms.

How do you do quarantine? I’m genuinely curious to hear! Drop me a Comment below or DM me on IG… @SonniAbatta.


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