My Three-Product Skin Care Routine for Lazy Days

tower 28 sos spray review

I’ve been longing for simplicity lately–in my life, my surroundings, my routines. And my beauty routine is no different.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to swear off my addiction to beauty products entirely, but I did do a massive beauty-closet cleanout in an effort to de-clutter my vanity space.

Lazy Day Skincare Routine

On days when I want a fresh look but I’m not planning on going any farther than my kitchen island (Read: pretty much every day), these are the products I’m reaching for:

Beautycounter Countertime Cleansing Oil

I’m all for a cleansing oil moment. This is by far my favorite formulation when I want to remove makeup or skin care, and thoroughly cleanse my skin at the same time. In fact, this is formulated with a blend of citrus oils and bakuchiol, a natural retinol alternative that–yes–performs just as well as the real thing. So consistency-wise, this is definitely a lighter, runnier oil; cup your hand when when you dispense it. My review of the whole line is here!

Lazy Day Skincare Routine beautycounter cleansing oil review

Tower28 SOS Save Our Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray

On days I don’t use a toner, I sub this in. It’s got hypochlorous acid, which helps to reduce inflammation and calm the skin. I did a write-up here on why I love this product so much. Definitely a good buy if your skin tends to be sensitive or reactive. It’s even gotten tons of great reviews from eczema and acne sufferers.

Lazy Day Skincare Routine

Beautycounter Dew Skin

This is the perfect tinted moisturizer that will give you the lightest tint, with full SPF 20 sun protection. I pump onto the back of my hand and apply with my trusty IT Cosmetics No. 7 brush. So if you want a more matte look, set with a light powder. Then if you’re into the dewy look, leave it as is!

Lazy Day Skincare Routine beautycounter dew skin review

Okay, drop me your favorite products below; I want to know what your go-to’s have been lately!


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