My Top Shelf Beauty Products on SALE at Nordstrom

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Look, I’m not saying you need to buy beauty products in the middle of a pandemic… but I am saying that if you’re doing a little stress shopping, I’m not here to judge. You know mama can’t turn down a good deal on a good beauty product, and this Nordstrom sale is just too good to pass up.

Below I’m linking top shelf products–stuff that is legitimately currently in my beauty stash right now, or recently has been. These are items that get my stamp of approval to get you out the door (ha! Just kidding! We’re not going out any door anytime soon!) looking good.

Quick note: The sale is 15% off, and it doesn’t look like the discounted prices are reflected on the links below so make sure to click through to the Nordstrom site to see what the cheaper price is!

Some of my favorite skin care, hair care and makeup items are included. Enjoy!

Nordstrom Sale Beauty Picks
My Top Shelf, on Sale

Let’s be honest. The world is a scary place right now. A little frivolity is exactly what we need to lighten up the days sometimes. So go doll yourself up and smile.

And tell me, what are your beauty product faves? Drop me a Comment below or let me know on Instagram!


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