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Friends! You know what? It is pretty easy being green… and clean. I’m a big advocate of clean Beauty and personal care products, and although I abide by the 80/20 rule, which means 80% of what I use is considered safer or clean, and the rest? No way baby. (Botox isn’t “clean,” last I checked, and nope, #notsorry.)

So since I’m always trying and discovering new products, I decided it was time for an updated clean beauty and household list. So first, go listen to the podcast episode ;), and then come back here to shop it!

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Safer Skin Care Options


Indie Lee Co-Q 10 Toner

Has hyaluronic acid and aloe vera; CoQ-10 and sage; is alcohol free and non-drying

Heritage Store Rosewater Mist from Thrive Market

Just $5.99 (!!!), super hydrating and smells divine… No artificial fragrance either.

Aleavia Restore Mist

Contains prebiotics, which feed the good bacteria on your skin. I’ve written about my love for this brand before and even interviewed its founder, Kelly, on my podcast about her battle with infertility and her health issues–which was basically the reason for starting the company. This is honestly a vanity STAPLE for me… Always always have a bottle.


Indie Lee Gentle Daily Peel Pads

These daily pads have BHAs, AHAs and Vitamin C to gently exfoliate and help to help with cell turnover

Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel

This is an overnight treatment you leave on your skin that seriously cleans out your pores. Full of AHAs and BHAs, it’s a great and gentle exfoliant that can be used several times a week for gentle exfoliation.

Moisturizer without SPF:

Safer Home Cleaning and Laundry Options

Laundry detergent

Trader Joe’s Lavender detergent

Trader Joe’s Lavender dryer sachets

Branch Basics Detergent and Oxygen Boost

My Trader Joe's Favorites household

General Tips to Live Cleaner and Safer

Avoid fragrance

This goes for things like detergent, fabric softener; heavily-scented cleansers (for bathroom and kitchen in particular).
Why? Fragrance, in general, can be an irritant. Sorry to say, this does include scented candles. I do still leave several candles around the house but try to burn them only once in a while.

Bleach only when necessary

I know, I know. My mom would kill me if she read this. (Hi Mom!) Seriously, our whole house was so clean growing up that you could eat an entire five-course meal off the floor.

My mom was constantly disinfecting things with bleach, but studies are proving that not only can eliminating all germs be bad for our microbiome, but the vapors emitted from bleach can also be problematic for our systems.

Keep Your Indoor Air Quality in Mind

Indoor air quality matters, friends. Big time. Read a little bit more about why right here.

A couple quick tips to make sure the air you’re breathing is a touch safer:

1) Open those windows, baby. Seriously. Even if it’s blazing hot, just for a little while. And yes, you can do this in the colder months too! Just crack a window for a few hours. Any amount of fresh air can help to improve the overall quality of your indoor air.
2) Buy an air purifier. I haven’t yet taken this jump, but I’m looking into it.
3) Clean those vents. Make sure your HVAC filters are clean. Replace them on schedule as suggested by the manufacturer.

That’s it! My latest list to live greener, cleaner and safer. You can start anytime, and remember, small changes add up.

I’ll be updating this clean beauty and household list both here and on my podcast as I discover new products, so keep checking back!


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