My Workspace Essentials

My Workspace Essentials - Sonni Abatta

If there is one guaranteed way to make my kids stop in their tracks–whatever they’re doing, however far from me, in whatever location in the entire Milky Way–and find their way to me to demand my immediate attention, it is to have me sit down and attempt to work.

My Workspace Essentials - Sonni Abatta

It’s like they have a sixth sense; I sit down to work, I become Kid Magnet. Never fails.

So when one has to be productive in short but intense bursts, one finds a way to make her workspace just right, so that she can bust out a post or ten before the next child needs a snack/diaper change/fifth bowl of dry cereal/fill-in-the-blank.

So today, friends? My workspace essentials that help keep me on task. You know, when I’m not running away from my desk to wipe someone’s butt.



Desk or Tabletop Lighting

More than anything, sister here needs a good desk lamp. There is nothing–and I mean nothing–that fires me up to work more than some badass accent lighting.

Weirdo? Perhaps. But switch on a beautiful accent lamp that throws some nice, relaxing light and just TELL ME that you’re not 4,000 times more relaxed, and therefore productive, in your workspace.

Fun fact: I was once told by a general manager of a former TV station that I would be fired if I did not move my bright green Target pull-cord lamp. Guess who took it down and put it back up 48 hours later? Don’t mess.

I Love Lamp:



Am I re-writing the manual on Basic Bitch-ness yet? Sorry not sorry, because you know that a good scented candle can also change the mood in a workspace like crazy, and this is one of the first things I do (after switching on my lamp) when I sit down in my office or workspace.

Smell Good Things, Do Good Things:

Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar

If I told you the number of doctor’s appointments that I missed–like, full-on forgot I scheduled, never showed up, incurred a fee missed–you would probably look down on me (more than you already do?). It’s not good. I’m not proud.

But I’m nothing if not an industrious, unapologetic little worker bee, and this is something I’m seriously working on in this new year.

Helping me do that? A great visual aid. I need something where I can see the week at a glance, without having to crack open a planner. Enter this adorable weekly planner by Rifle Paper Company.

I write down all appointments for the week and keep it on my desk, right next to my computer, where I’m bound to be at least twice a day. I glance at it every chance I get, and so far in 2019, no missed appointments! Yay for self improvement!

If you prefer a monthly view (I have one of these too), then this also works. It seems a little old school, but trust me, seeing things written down in front of your face every day–whether you’re glancing at the week or the month ahead–really helps to keep all appointments top of mind.

Stay on Task with Me:


Family Inspo

My Workspace Essentials

Hello, my name is Sonni and I’m a total cornball. But this much is true: I love seeing the people I love. These pictures of my favorite people around my desk ups my inspiration like crazy, and also reminds me of why I’m working in the first place.

This blog was born from a place of wanting to share with you all–share stories, tips, ideas and conversations–about motherhood and family life, and these guys are the reason I’m a mom. They’re the reason I have the inspiration I do to share and to keep pursuing my dream of building a network of badass, intelligent and inspired women who will then continue the cycle of helping and sharing in their own worlds. (That’s you! Hello, you fabulous person you!)

Just Picture It:


Jewelry Tray

Even when I worked outside of the house, I always liked to take off my watch and sometimes even my rings when I was doing serious typing. (Minor pet peeve is when my watch bangs into the desk surface or keyboard.)

I’ve started leaving jewelry trays or “catchall bowls” around my workspace so I can deposit my jewelry there temporarily while I’m working. Then when I’m done, it’s back on they go!

How cute is the cat one below?! These would also make a great gift!

Lay It Down:


Ring Light

This one is specific to my fellow blogger/host/writer-types who occasionally have to appear on camera.

This ring light by Neewer brightens up any video or photo you make, giving a professional vibe without having to actually hire a professional photographer.

I store mine in the corner of my office and quickly drag it out to the space right in front of my desk when I need to shoot. It’s super simple to set up and switch on, and it also holds your phone or device for hands-free filming!

Check it out here!


What are your must-haves for the office? Let me know in Comments below!

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