New Brand Alert! Bynacht Skincare Review and Favorites

bynacht skin care review

Professor Sonni here. You know what Bynacht translates to? By Night. (Guys it’s hard being a DAMN GENIUS all the time.) But seriously, you’ve got to know the intention of this line to understand what it’s aimed for, and why it works so well.

Before we get into details on how the products work and my review of them, let’s talk about Bynacht founder Jessica Hoyer. A hustler by nature, Jessica always realized the importance—but difficulty—of getting good sleep. The restorative benefits of a proper night’s sleep are irreplaceable. Then, Jessica founded her own advertising agency. Exhausting. Then, she became a mother. BYE BYE SLEEP, like forever.

As a brand, Bynacht aims to make the most of the sleep you get, so that the face you wake up in doesn’t reflect the craziness you go through every day.

I am all, [*insert emoji hand clap*], ALL for a multi-tasking moment in my life, and that’s why I was so excited about reviewing this line. Because I woke up with my toddler’s foot on my temple today, sleeping completely perpendicular in my bed. And if that ain’t a sign from the gods to a near-deranged mother in need of maximizing what little quality sleep she gets… I don’t know what is.

I got five Bynacht Skincare products to review, so let’s get started!


Looks Like/Feels Like/Smells Like:

Clear, light, fresh-smelling, lightly foaming.

I really, really like this cleanser. One of my biggest pet peeves with cleansers is when they foam up so much that they remove a layer of skin when you rinse them off. No. Bueno.

Bynacht’s cleanser has become my second step in my 2-step cleansing routine and I love it so much. I use it a night after I oil cleanse, or in the morning as a light wash when I need to take off heavy products from the night before. My face is left feeling clean, but not stripped. A big A-plus in my book. Or, as my 7-year-old likes to say when he gets really pumped, “25 THUMBS UP!!!”

Looks Like/Feels Like/Smells Like:

Clear, light (no oily residue), and lightly hydrating, which I’m guessing is due to the panthenol in the formulation. The scent is light, almost imperceptible. It also includes antioxidants from the green tea and grape vine extracts.

bynacht skincare review by nacht

This made my skin happy; I really, really loved using this. I’m a huge fan of toners. They are the final line of cleansing to make sure all of your makeup is removed after cleansing, and if formulated well, like this one, can also transfer highly-soothing ingredients to your skin without adding a heavy feeling.

Generally, I prefer toners that aren’t overly strong, since I like my treatments (acids, retinols, other powerful ingredients) to be the ones that do the heavy lifting. This one is the perfect primer to your next, step, which would be a serum. Which leads me to…

Looks Like/Feels Like/Smells Like:

Slightly opaque whitish tint; with a nice slip—it glides over skin in the most beautiful way before sinking in—so make sure to give it a minute or two before applying your next step; and the smell is just insane. If your skin is not sensitive to fragrance, you will just love it.

Powerful ingredients include Hexapeptide-8 complex (peptides are essential for maintaining skin’s function and structure; read more HERE); antioxidants; West Indian sandalwood; hyaluronic acid; and retinyl palmitate.

Okay, that’s a lot of technical terms to throw at you, so let me break it down for you. Hyaluronic acid=adds moisture to skin. Peptides=good for anti-aging. Antioxidants=help fight off damage from environmental aggressors. Retinyl palmitate=a Vitamin A ingredient that helps with wrinkles.

Hands down the “hero” product of this line. You could use this and only this day and night as your anti-aging step in your routine. (Always follow up with SPF if it’s daytime, of course!) It’s pricey, but it could absolutely replace several steps in your routine for all of the reasons listed above. I used this at night and followed up with a light, simple moisturizer, and woke up with skin that was sa-mooth. (That’s smooth.) Like, INSANE. Love it. Hoping ByNacht stays around forever because I’m bothering them for more of this puppy.

Looks Like/Feels Like/Smells Like:

A waxy balm that blends out to a light oil that soaks right into your skin. Smells like luxe hotel sheets just sprayed down with lavender that make you immediately want to PTFO. So delish. It also has ylang ylang oil and Melissa officinalis leaf for added scent joy.

Okay so this is more of a product to give ambiance, mood, a feeling… rather than a step in your skincare routine for your face. Don’t be smoothing this on your T-zone, y’all. It’s designed to be put on your pulse points or other parts of your body to help you to relax at bedtime.

While it’s not a necessary step, was it a luxurious step that made me feel like part of the 1% for the blissful 17 seconds it took to apply and breathe deep? HELL YES.

Looks Like/Smells Like/Feels Like:

Holy Mother of all that is Good and True, this puppy is a burner, y’all. Like, pass me the milk bath and ice bucket… you guys are gonna FEEL the burn. And I’m not talkin’ Sanders.

Yes, if you saw my Instagram Stories the other night when I used this, you know, it’s a bit… tingly… upon application, but… the next morning? Gorgeous, glowing, (and totally normal-colored!) skin.

Yes, the temporary burn was worth it. Here are some things to keep in mind if you try this, though:

1 – Spritz with a calming spray immediately after you rinse, and really let it soak in. I’ve written before about how this Tower28 spray soothed my skin beautifully after IPL and a retinol burn, and it came to the rescue again when I used this product. You can read all about the science why this product soothes so well here, but trust me when I say, it works. A great product to have on hand if you have reactive skin, eczema, or sunburn, too.

2 – After using, moisturize with a cream or lotion that has NO active ingredients. That is, do not follow up with another AHA or BHA product, or a product with retinol, or anything else that could potentially irritate skin further. Let this do its magic, and then let it be. I used almost a whole pipette of the Drunk Elephant Marula Oil on my skin after my Tower28 spray dried, and it was so incredibly soothing and moisturizing, and not the least bit irritating. (Tip: If you’re also going to use an oil after the peel, make sure it’s NOT one with orange, lemon or other citrus oils, or any other essential oil. Those can be irritating for skin when it’s in its best state, so don’t use them now when your skin has already been irritated.)

If you’re looking for a line that combines luxury and active ingredients, Bynacht is 100% worth a try.

The cleanser and toner are both incredible and clock in at great price points. The other products, while more expensive, perform. So if you want to switch things up and try a new brand, this is it! Like I said, I’d start with the Iconic Reborn Radiant Serum if you’re looking for a performance product from the line.

Have you tried Bynacht? What other lines are you using and loving? I’m all ears! Drop in on Comments below.

bynacht serum review

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