Guess Where We’re Not?

So as it turns out…

The process of building is notorious for being riddled with delays. And we have not escaped the cycle.

Today we found out that some sprinklers need to be fixed, there are shards of roofing littering the yard (no bueno for all the little bare feet that will be running about), the glass on the master shower is missing, and some other little things still need tweaking.

Dealbreakers? No. But we decided that since we waited this long, why not give it one more night to make sure it’s that much closer to being completely ready to go.

On the upside, we are still hanging at the beach. On the downside, kids don’t really like to go to bed on time when they’re at the beach.

Just a little video update, and see you back here soon!

Sonni Abatta is a writer, host, HBIC on this here Orlando lifestyle and mom blog, mom of three and wife. But not all at the same time. (Duh.) Wanna chat? Vent? Put odds on how quickly I’ll go insane if we don’t get back into a house soon? Reach out here!

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