NEW Make Up For Ever Releases! (Also, Meet My New Best Friend)

Hey guys!

I spent part of the afternoon at The Makeup Show Orlando today, and got a sneak peek at some new Make Up For Ever products that will be debuting soon! They’re part of MUFE’s HD makeup collection, and anyone who has used this line before, you have to check this out!

In the interest of transparency, I am not the biggest fan of MUFE’s HD liquid foundation. While working in television, I found it a little greasy for my skin, and I don’t think it provided the most coverage. For a natural look, I suppose it’s okay, but it was never something I’ve recommended to friends when they asked what looks good on high-definition television.

I also have used the previous version of their HD Finishing Powder, and was similarly underwhelmed. It was fine for video but always showed white under the flash of a camera on still photos.

Well, lucky me and everyone else who had that problem, because MUFE has reformulated their finishing powder formula, and the artist I interviewed today says that “flashback” is gone.

They’ve also added to other pressed finishing powders to their line. In the photo below, you’ll see Shade #2 is more yellow, and Shade #3 is orange, for deeper skin tones.

L: New MUFE Ultra HD finishing powder; C: new shades #2 and #3, for deeper skin tones; R: New Ultra HD Pressed finishing powder

MUFE has also added an HD booster for the skin. Think of it as a serum to prime your skin for makeup. The artist told me it’s formulated with hyaluronic acid to be moisturizing, and it’s designed to be used after your other serum, before your moisturizer and primer.

For those wanting shorthand, your routine would go like this –> your normal serum, MUFE’s HD primer, moisturizer, then makeup primer. You know. Because we girls like to keep things as complicated as possible.

New MUFE Ultra HD priming serum and Lip Boosters

Also new to their HD line—these two HD lip plumpers, also formulated with hyaluronic acid to keep that kisser soft. They come in two shades: #00 is clear, and #01 is flesh toned.

These aren’t in stores yet, but the artist I interviewed says they’ll be on MUFE’s website first, within a couple weeks, then will roll out to Sephora’s VIBs, then to the general public.

If you want to check out the products for yourself and you’re in town, The Makeup Show Orlando is in town for one more day at the Hyatt Regency on International Drive. Check out their website for ticket information and a list of participating brands.

Coming up in my next post—two NEW brands (well, new to me at least!) that I found at The Makeup Show that are worth your time!

See you soon!

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