Kristin Ess Texture Taming Root Iron Review

I’m not saying that kids these days are spoiled by the abundance of hot tool options that make literally almost any person able to avoid the Just-Stuck-My-Finger-in-a-Socket look that I rocked literally from seventh until 12th grade… Wait… actually I am.

attachment parenting

Attachment Parenting 101

I’m hardly a by-the-book person. In fact, the dozen or so books on parenting and baby sleep that I bought have all ended up serving as candle-holders on my nightstand, rather than actual resources to inform my mothering.


5 Things

No time for ten things, so let’s cut that crap in halfsies and go! Here are 5 Things I’m loving or otherwise up to…

Here Again

It always starts with me crying at random times, in random locations. Outside a drug store. Walking a lake path, as I catch a glimpse of the way the wind catches the water and pushes it into jagged caps. At Trader Joe’s, in the produce aisle.

How to Pack a Hospital Bag for Delivery

So here you are, in your last month of pregnancy. By this point, you’ve already done a ton of work. But there’s one more thing to prepare before you meet your baby, and that’s your hospital bag.

Speeding Toward the Big Stuff

There is no other way to describe this past Friday than messy. I don’t mean that in a figurative sense, but in a very literal sense. Specifically, it was bloody.