No More Couch Blankets (and Other Resolutions for 2019)

It’s hard for me to be too deliberate about New Years’s resolutions and all, what with the general and total lack of control I feel in my life (JOKE! …Kind of.), but when I get down to brass tacks I start to realize that I am in dire need of improvement in certain areas of my life–namely organization–and what better time to start pretending I’m someone else than at the start of the new year… amiright?!

This year has seen us grow so much as a family. A new house. A new podcast. A new website design. Then, new schools for the kids and lots of other of big milestones that are proof positives these little people are growing up way faster than I ever imagined possible.

Over in this little corner of the ‘net, it was actually quite a busy year. I used this platform to touch on serious topics I think are important for parents to know about; things that make us uncomfortable to talk to our doctors about (but we still need to know); things that threaten our kids’ lives and how to talk to them about it; and I even asked if all this navel-gazing we are doing about motherhood is the right thing to do.

We also covered all sorts of lighthearted topics–like… When am I going to stop nursing this baby and finally get the Botox my forehead wrinkles are desperately calling for?!, also known as Botox 101; a natural skincare routine that’s perfect for gently cleansing after a sweaty-ass (literal and figurative) workout; and gobs of other product reviews and musings on those little primping and pampering things that make being a woman so much fun.

So yeah, we did lots! And this upcoming year? There will be lots more. I’m excited. πŸ™‚

The one thing I want you to know as we go together into 2019 is that above all, I want to be of service to you here. I want the content I put here to be useful, to be inspiring, to give you a moment of reflection either on motherhood or self-care, or to inspire you with someone else’s story or accomplishments.

And I’m so grateful for every single visit and comment that you’ve all left here or on any of my other social channels as I continue to churn all this stuff out. I don’t do it for any other reason but for the reason that I feel it’s my calling to share. It’s my calling to be of use in real ways for real women. And I’m so glad to do it.

So, yeah. For 2019? Lots of other good stuff that all falls into that category.

But also? Other things I need to do, like plan out my life a little better (and stop missing all my doctor’s appointments, dear God I have missed seriously dozens this past year HELP ME AND MY NONEXISTENT MEMORY). So for that, I got this adorable weekly planner so that I can see the whole week at a glance. Let’s hope that is the key to making my mind behave more like a 37-year-old and less like a 107-year-old.

Also? I’m going to do other simple things, like get a real deal (read: not a blanket) cover for my couch. Because I don’t think Real Actual Adults should be covering their nice couches and sitting areas with patterned micro fleece. So if anyone has advice on where to go for a nice cover to keep my couch stain-free, sister’s all ears.

In the meantime, thanks 2018, and nice to meet you, 2019. Let’s do this.


4 thoughts on “No More Couch Blankets (and Other Resolutions for 2019)”

  1. So I got a couch cover about 3 years back. The premise was it was for the dog. It is an actual dog couch cover but I really got it because my husband makes a mess with his snacks, dinner, coffee, etc. It works like a charm. We do have dogs but they are not even close when it comes to mess. LOL

  2. Shirley–Oh my gosh… hysterical! Husbands… dogs… they all leave behind a few crumbs, right?! I am definitely on the lookout for something good, so feel free to share the product name or link if you have it! πŸ˜€

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