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Just Wondering: What Would You Want a New Mom to Know?

Everywhere, we see new mothers. At the store, newborns snugged into carriers, their tiny, soft faces wilted into their mothers’ chests. In strollers, snugged and bundled against the cold, tiny eyes peeking out from under hats. Everywhere and always, heart-wrenchingly adorable.

Why You Need to Follow Your Heart

Why You Need to Follow Your Heart

It feels like I’ve told the story about why I quit my job in television news countless times, and I’m always a bit surprised by how frequently the question comes up not only in interviews I’ve done with other people, but also in day-to-day conversations with friends or other people I meet. Why? they ask. Why would you leave a job you worked so hard to get, and one you so thoroughly enjoyed?

Speeding Toward the Big Stuff

There is no other way to describe this past Friday than messy. I don’t mean that in a figurative sense, but in a very literal sense. Specifically, it was bloody.

This is 37 (and My Favorite Affordable Clothing Line)

They’re the friends on your feed or in real life who always have–as the name indicates–fabulous birthdays. Let me rephrase that: faaaaaaaabulous birthdays. They drink mimosas on rooftop lounges for brunch. They stuff a limo full of best friends and drive around to all the hot spots in town.

When it All Goes to Plan

Aaah. The Birth Plan. I admittedly have a complex relationship with this whole concept, given that my first birth plan would have been better used as bird cage lining than anything resembling an actual, it-will-happen-this-way “Plan.”

The Tiny Comedians Among Us

Remember that TV show “Kids Say the Darndest Things?” It was such a wild success because there has never been a truer statement about raising children.

We Remember

Rising from a site that has known the deepest sadness, has felt the gravity of unfathomable loss.

New York City Girls' Weekend

That’s the thing about traveling as a mom; you can’t wait to get time away, but when you get back you pay the price in exhaustion.