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Sonni + Nicole

There's Nothing Like a Sister

For all my women friends out there, a quick question: Is there anyone in life more similar, and yet more different, than a sister?

beautiful sunset

Life Lately and New Finds

It’s been a little while since I did a catch-up post… From recent trips to recent favorite finds, let’s catch up!

Mom 2.0 Recap and Blog Reflections

Let me start with some very practical and probably obvious-to-everyone-else advice: It is not advisable to string together three days of a work trip with a bachelorette party.

Working Moms Should Watch This Show

If You're a Working Mom, You Need to Watch this Show

The one upside to being laid up with the Bubonic Plague Part II is that you’re forced to sit down during the day. This is decidedly NOT part of the normal routine, so I fully took advantage of my 101-degree fever and static state last week to binge on Netflix.

life lately

Life Lately

It’s been a while since I did a roundup on what’s going on around here, so I thought I’d do a little update on what’s going on in my life lately and share some other things I’m doing and loving.

mom friends

The Best Kind of Mom Friends

Isn’t it the best when you connect with other mom friends you can share those candid moments of motherhood with? You know which moments I’m talking about–the imperfect ones.

Where I'm Headed in 2019

Where I'm Headed in 2019

I kind of hate resolutions. There’s this implication that what we are isn’t enough–that we need to be improved upon in some intangible way.

What a PR Expert Taught Me About Dealing with Problems

Are you anything like me, and find yourself experiencing Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome at least once daily? You know the scenario: You say something without putting it through a filter first, then spend the next five minutes asking yourself on loop, “Dear GOD, why did I just say that? I’m a real idiot.”

No More Couch Blankets (and Other Resolutions for 2019)

It’s hard for me to be too deliberate about New Years’s resolutions and all, what with the general and total lack of control I feel in my life (JOKE! …Kind of.), but when I get down to brass tacks I start to realize that I am in dire need of improvement in certain areas of my life–namely organization–and what better time to start pretending I’m someone else than at the start of the new year… amiright?!