On Parenting and Pee

I haven’t checked my mail yet today, but I’m pretty sure when I get it, my Mother of the Year certificate will be there waiting.


See that picture? That is a wet shoe, drying in the sun.

Wet with what, you may ask? With pee.

Why is it soaked in pee, you ask? Because I forgot to put a diaper on my two-year-old son before school today.

Yes, that son. The one who’s not potty trained yet.

When I picked him up at school, he was barefoot with a giant grin on his face, asking to put his shoes back on. You can imagine my confusion.

When the teacher asked, “Did you mean to send him to school without a diaper?” I don’t know what hit the floor first, my jaw, or the plastic grocery bag full of urine-soaked clothing and shoes that I was holding.

Do you think it came across wrong when I actually belly laughed? Because I did. And God bless him, my little man–in his mismatched and too-small “backup” clothes we have to pack for him–laughed right along with me.

Look, I’ve never been accused of being the most organized person in the room, but I think even this is a new one for me—only slightly more cringeworthy than the time I made my kid’s sandwich on frozen pancakes for school.

But in the mess is the beauty. Plus, come on. That was the best laugh my kid and I had in at least the past 12 hours.

So here’s to wet shoes and frozen sandwiches. May you have at least one of them today. (But don’t forget to pack the spare clothes.)

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