On My Radar: Valentine’s Day

It’s that special time of year that makes you want to stick your head in a toilet and drink #allthewine. Just kidding! I dig Valentine’s Day. Really! A commercially-driven opportunity for us to show our love and deep appreciation for those in our lives whose presence we typically ignore. As a mom–the most unsung of all unsung heroes–I’m all for a little recognition. 😉 So here are a few things that are on my radar this Valentine’s Day for me, friends, the home and the kiddos, that might help you say “thank you” to that mom or other angel in your life in an extra special way!

Outfits that are perfect for date nights, a light wash jean that looks super comfy, a few beauty picks and even a little something for the lil’ mamas in your life… It’s all here!

What We’re Up To

As for us, we don’t have big plans at the moment (at least that I know of). But I am on the lookout for a cute getup for a date night, and the halter in this collage (which is under $25) might fit the bill.

And since this holiday always puts me in the mood for lots of color, I go toward pale pinks and off-whites, with a few bold reds and fuchsias thrown in for fun.

Gifts for Valentine’s Day:



Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I wrote this post a while back to my kids when I was reflecting on the holiday. I feel it’s an occasion that should make us reflect on more than just romantic relationships. I think it’s good to re-frame Valentine’s Day as a day to honor self-love (and all the work that entails), as well as other forms of non-romantic, and much less-celebrated, forms of love. You know… just a new way to think of this polarizing holiday. 😉

Happy early Valentine’s Day, and may you find love in all forms!


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