On My Vanity: March and April

Virtue Labs Healing Oil + On my vanity March April Sonni

Well, hell. If there were ever a time for distraction and focusing on some of the more frivolous things in life, THIS IS IT. In this month’s edition of On My Vanity, as always, a quick peek at my current Top Shelf stars… and a hefty dose of let’s-focus-on-something-positive-for-a-minute.

Here are three products I’ve been using and loving over the past two months! Let’s go…

solara suncare spf review

Solara Suncare Time Traveler Face SPF

I was SO geeked to get some products from Solara's suncare line to try, because this is a company that lines up with all of my ideals when it comes to skin care--clean ingredients, solid sun protection and amazing performance.I mix this with my Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops (linked below), and the result is a natural, bronzy glow that's a great replacement for a tinted moisturizer.This would be an amazing SPF to pack for vacation, by the way!

ursa major body lotion for kids

Ursa Major Perfect Zen Body Lotion

This lotion is on the lighter side as far as consistency, but it delivers some serious moisture. This is one of the formulas that I even use on the kids post-bath when they've been swimming a lot and their skin is dry from the chlorine. Moreover, the naturally-sourced scent is a little woodsy with a touch of citrus.

virtue labs healing oil

Virtue Labs Healing Oil

When I get out of the shower, I'll take the excess water out with my Volo Beauty towel (linked below), then comb this through my hair before blow drying. Virtue Labs Healing Oil is a lightweight oil. So it soaks in rather than coat the hair, and leaves it with the softest feel.

Any products you’re into lately? I want to know! Comment or DM me on IG @SonniAbatta. 


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