On This Christmas

I joke a lot on this blog about motherhood. I highlight the crazy stuff, I share lots of stories, and overall try to keep it as real as possible.

But no matter how much I joke, I hope the truth always shines through–I am crazy in love with my kids.

And I know all of you fellow parents out there feel the same.

On this Christmas holiday, when we are all knee deep in wrapping paper and material gifts, I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge that the best gifts we’ve ever gotten–the special people in our lives. For me, those gifts are the four people in this picture.

So let’s not forget the gifts that don’t need any unwrapping at all this Christmas holiday. The ones that greet you every morning with a sleepy smile (no matter how early!). The ones who force you to take a breath when they pin you down on the couch with a snuggle, even though you have a To-Do list that’s about a million miles long. The ones who challenge us and require so much of us and yet we give it all–and more–every chance we can. They are the gifts that make us grow into better people.

These kids. The gifts we get to enjoy anew every day, even when it’s not a holiday.

That’s my Christmas wish for all my fellow parents–to take it all in. Unwrap that love, friends. And enjoy every minute.

Merry Christmas, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on this journey with me.

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