This One Tip Makes Our School Mornings So Much Easier

I’m no math genius, but if I had to guess, I make somewhere between 356,712 and 554,925 decisions per day as a mom. And when it comes to school mornings, let’s just say I’m in need of any simplifying tips I can get.

Said decisions range from calls on the most basic of things, like, What do I make them for lunch?

…to things as specific as, Where did I last see the purple shoes for Malibu Barbie? In the disaster of a playroom; wedged between the car seat cushions in the van; or stuck in the bath drain?

Let’s be real: Aren’t we all looking for one thing to make our lives a little easier, especially on school mornings? “Yes,” you say? Well then here is that one thing:

Clothing bundling for the week

Before you get all “Hi, Captain Obvious!” on me, hear me out! Although this is something we all realize at face value can make a world of a difference, I’ve found that we rarely do it, because, well, you know, all those other aforementioned decisions we are making daily.

But if you commit yourself to putting in the 5-10 minutes each week that this task requires, I promise, your school mornings will go so much more smoothly. And that is something that will make everyone a little happier.


Here’s What to Do

Let’s break it down into three simple steps! And a note: This obviously is more aimed at younger children, since older kids are most likely getting dressed on their own and then going downstairs for breakfast.

But with The Littles, we like to eat breakfast before getting dressed, because #allthesyrup. Ya know.

Among all the mom hacks I’ve used and loved over the years, this one has made the biggest difference in having a smooth morning. Here we go!

First, consider the weather.

Grab 5-7 options each for bottoms and tops. Having options means that toddlers with opinions on their clothing (COUGH LITTLE GIRLS COUGH COUGH) can mix and match from a set number of clothes, rather than tearing through their entire closet to find the perfect outfit.

Don’t forget to grab underwear and socks too!

Next, roll it up!

I like to match up each outfit and either fold it into one pile, or roll it like a little clothing burrito. Keeping the outfit together as its own bundle will allow you to grab it quickly in the morning and get everyone dressed.

Finally, set up a basket and stash the clothing rolls in there.

Grab an open-top wicker basket, laundry bin or anything else in which you can neatly store the clothes, and put it in or near the room where you’re eating breakfast.

Each child gets a section of the basket. Stash all the rolls or clothing stacks in the basket for the week.

I like to use a rectangle-shaped basket so it’s easy to stash row by row. And always go with an open top, so you can see what’s inside.

If you’d like something that looks a little more decorative, consider a short decorative shelving unit. Each kid gets a drawer!

Bonus Tip! The Sock Box

I was so sick of running back upstairs at the last minute to grab the kids’ socks before we left, so I bought a small open-top basket and started to stash socks for each kid in the laundry room, right next to where we keep their shoes. I re-stock “The Sock Box” every week, and this tip alone has kept me from losing my shit probably a thousand times by now.

Do. The. Sock. Box.

And that’s it! What’s the going rate for saving someone’s sanity these days? I’ll take payment in new socks please. 😉

Have any tips or tricks that make school mornings with your Littles go any smoother? Let me know in Comments below! I’m always looking for some good advice!


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