Our Baby is 3! And Some Great Links Around the Web

Something crazy happened. Just yesterday, I had my baby, and I turned around today… and she’s three.

The pace at which motherhood speeds by never ceases to surprise me, even during my third go-round. And this weekend, as we celebrated S’s third birthday at the beach, it struck me again as I watched the kids run in the sand–every one of these little moments is precious. And while I’ve been experiencing some very acute bouts of quarantine-related anxiety lately (more on this in a moment), it’s not enough to make me forget that I need to relish these days.

third birthday Sonni baby
*cue my heart melting*

I lean heavily on the Woo-Woo side to begin with, and (again, blame the quarantine?) lately I’ve been paying more attention to horoscopes than I ever have since I was about seventeen. Reading this horoscope makes me realize that it’s written in the stars for us all to be a little loopy lately. Check yours!

Turns out, re-opening a country is a lot harder than locking it down.

So great to be able to check out Allure’s Best of Beauty winners this year without having to buy the issue. (And for the record, I wholly agree that this Lineage lip mask is worth the investment! I use mine every night.)

If you’re a blonde who’s going a little brassy without your stylist to help you, here are some good options for products that can bring back the True Tone of your color, in the comfort of your own home.

You guys, the anxiety for me is real lately. R.E.A.L. It tends to be the worst the days leading up to my period, but I also really, really am missing my monthly therapy dates. Please, please allow me to use this opportunity to remind you of this: Your anxiety does not define you. It is not shameful. Seek help, and know you are not alone.

You can’t that irreplaceable ambiance you get at your favorite coffee shop, but at least you can recreate some of your favorite drinks at home!

Feeling the need to declutter? You’re not alone! I wrote this article a little while back with the help of a professional organizer, and the tips are great. Have you reorganized anything yet? (Oh yes, and my pantry and master closet tips–Part One and Part Two–are here too!)

Marie Kondo closet tips

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