Post-Workout Skincare Routine With Indie Lee

I used to be the girl that said, “I rarely sweat, even when I work out.” And then I did hot yoga. So… yeah. Not that girl anymore.

I did that class while we were in New York City, and while it was great–and I definitely want to find a studio here in Orlando–it left me with a whole new appreciation for a skincare routine that gently cleanses and puts back some light moisture into my skin.

Luckily I have been testing some products that are perfect for that post-workout sweat, no matter what you’re doing!

I’ve been loving using this trio after working out because it’s gentle on my skin and also leaves my skin glowing. So let’s get to it!

The Purifying Face Wash is the first step. I love this product for several reasons:

  • First, it smells like a dream, and that’s without containing any nasty synthetic fragrances. Credit tangerine, lavender and jasmine extracts for that divine scent.
  • Secondly, it cleanses my skin in the most delicate, yet effective way, without stripping my skin of any moisture. You won’t get that “squeaky clean” feeling with this cleanser, which is a good thing; but you will get smooth, clean skin that feels prepped for product. I really think this cleanser strikes the perfect balance between purifying–as its name says–and soothing. I truly enjoyed this one.

And in case you’re wondering about all of the other potentially-dangerous ingredients Indie Lee products are formulated without, check out their list of no-no’s here.

Next up, it’s time to hydrate.

The hard thing about natural face lotions is that they can sometimes feel tacky or difficult to spread. Not the case with this formula, not by a long shot!

The Active Oil-Free Moisturizer feels nice and light going on, but it somehow gives my skin a great boost of moisture while prepping it for that next all-important step in my morning routine, my SPF.

That’s what really sold me on this; it layers so well under my SPF, it makes me want to include this step in my routine daily.

And don’t forget about the eyes!

You don’t have to use eye cream, but man, this formula will make you want to. This I-Waken Eye Serum is another quick-absorbing formula from Indie Lee that contains soothing chamomile and arnica extracts to

and the lotion is seriously lightweight but still hydrating. The eye serum is the icing on the cake–another boost of moisture for the delicate eye area that you can use both under the eye as well as on the eyelid.

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The first three products are the ones from this post; I also included some other great Indie Lee products to check out!

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