Product in Action: Virtue Labs’ Color Revival Kit Review

When was the last time you were at the salon? Yeah… never mind! I know that I speak for all of us when I say, a pandemic does not a happy head of hair make.

Haven’t Seen the Salon in a While?

So here’s the thing: Not getting a professional color isn’t the worst thing in the world for the health of your hair.

Especially if you highlight or otherwise lighten your color, a break from that drying and stripping process can make your hair end up feeling healthier. But too much time away from the Hair Chair can also mean split ends, dryness, or just an overall lack of vitality and shine.

I usually go to the salon anywhere between every 10-12 weeks, having maxed out one time at almost 6 months. (!!!) My hair is naturally a cool ash brown at the roots, and I kind of like the look of grown-out roots with my highlights, so I never am one to rush back to the salon.

But between those professional, appointments, one thing my hair does need is something to help keep the tone true. I know my fellow blonde-highlighters know what I mean. These highlights can get brassy–yellow looking, rather than that cool, beachy, Jennifer Aniston-style golden hue that we want.

So tone adjustment, and an overall lack of moisture: Those are the things I was looking to Virtue’s Color Revival Kit to address.

And I just got my hands on one last month, so let’s discuss!

What’s Inside the Virtue Labs Color Revival Kit

virtue labs color revival kit review

You get a vial of their trademarked keratin, a small pot of their cult-favorite Restorative Treatment Mask to mix it into, a small spatula, and a packet of their Restore Shampoo & Conditioner.

virtue labs color revival kit review

Here’s How to Use It

You can check this all out in the video, but here are the steps:

  • Shampoo your hair with the Restore Shampoo packet
  • Comb out all the tangles. (This can be tricky without conditioner for us coarse-haired girls, so I suggest a Wet Brush.)
  • Mix the vial of alpha keratin 60ku into the small pot of the mask
  • Apply mixture to your hair
  • Wait 8-10 minutes. (I did a little more than 10 minutes.)
  • Rinse, and style. (No need to use the Restore conditioner, since your hair won’t need any additional moisture after the mask. Save this for another day!)

My Results

virtue labs color revival kit review virtue labs color revival kit review

What I noticed:

First, I did notice a slight toning down of the brassiness in my highlights.

I know the first picture is curly and the second one is straight, but I had to blow dry my hair to get out of the house and so that I could film the results quicker.

Second, I noticed a major improvement in the overall softness of my hair.

This is the work of the Restorative Treatment Mask It’s insane how soft this stuff makes your hair feel.

Related: Read about Virtue Labs’ Recovery Line HERE.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendations

This is the perfect treatment to give your hair some softness and vitality in between professional appointments. Virtue suggests using this 3 weeks after your salon appointment to keep your hair healthy.

While this kit helped my hair a little with tone issues, I’m not sure it would be the only thing you should use to fix your brassiness issues. (A purple shampoo can also help with that.) What it does do, and beautifully? Fights fade and helps boost the overall shine of hair. And here’s the thing: If you keep your hair healthy in between salon appointments, your color tends to stay more vibrant and true-to-tone as well.

So if it’s overall hair health you’re after, and a little oomph to your color and texture, this product is it!

Shop the Color Revival Kit HERE!

I’m a proud partner with Virtue Labs, which is a line I used way before I started working with them professionally, because I genuinely love their products. Thanks for always supporting the brands that help keep this blog and my podcast afloat!


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