Review and First Impressions of Beautycounter’s New Safe Anti-Aging Skin Care Line, Countertime

Review and First Impressions of Beautycounter's New Safe Anti-Aging Skin Care Line, Countertime

I’m all for a cleaner approach to anti-aging lines, and that is why I’m SO excited to give you guys the scoop on the new line by Beautycounter. These are my first impressions and review after using their Countertime line for a couple weeks.

Let’s get right into specifics!

What is Countertime?

It’s Beautycounter’s new anti-aging line. But don’t call it “anti-aging.”

Wait.. What’s wrong with “Anti-Aging?”

If you ask me, nothing! But because Beautycounter is a revolutionary company. They were one of the first mass-market clean brands; they’re “B” company certified. They initiatives on recycling and are always researching the safety of ingredients. And how, they taking a revolutionary approach to how we view aging, too.

They’re shying away from the whole “anti-aging” line and going instead with “getting better with age.” It’s a representation of the whole mantra of the company, which is to approach beauty, and aging, on your own terms… and I kinda like it. 😉

For Beautycounter, it’s no longer “anti-aging,” but “getting better with age.

Okay, so what’s actually in the line?

The whole line consists of six products:

You Can Reverse Wrinkles without Retinol

Now, a personal note. You guys know I’m a skincare junkie, and I’m always going to be trying new lines. And I’ll likely continue using retinol in moderation.

But for a longer-term anti-aging routine–one where I’m not worried about overusing a particular ingredient–you can bet I’ll be using Countertime.

When I was nursing our now two-year-old, I was desperate to find a clean, safe anti-aging line for my skin. I so wish this line was around then, but it’s here now for other moms who want to target their fine lines and still nurse, and that’s great!

Oh, and Beautycounter also says that Countertime is safe for pregnant moms. So mamas, this one’s for you!

What is Bakuchiol?

The simplest explanation? It’s a natural alternative to retinol. Natural and cleaner lines are starting to sub it out in their anti-wrinkle products as a safer alternative to Vitamin A-based products.

While I personally will continue to use both retinol and bakuchiol-based products in the future, for the time being I plan on sticking with this line to get a better idea of just how well it works.

But Will it Work as Well as Retinol?

Again, the simplest answer? Yes. Beautycounter’s team of chemists have formulated the Countertime line to work at-par with current over-the-counter retinol treatments.

That translates to fewer wrinkles and more luminous skin, without the sometimes-controversial ingredient.

Beautycounter’s plant-derived Retinatural Complex, featuring bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine rose, delivers retinol-like results without retinol’s safety concerns.” –Gamza Sauzeat, lead chemist, Beautycounter

How Does Beautycounter Different than other “Safer” Anti-Aging options?

In Countertime, Beautycounter has combined bakuchiol with Swiss Alpine Rose, which soothes the skin.

“Grown at the highest altitudes of the Alps, this flower is known for its ability to protect itself against environmental stressors like dehydration and helps boost skin’s antioxidant defense.”

Countertime Results
Beautycounter Countertime Review

So… What Do I Think?

Bottom line? It works. After trialing this for almost three weeks now, I noticed a few things:

  • Boost in brightness
  • Clearing out of the pores on my cheeks that can have blackheads
  • Overall improvement in hydration
  • Overall smoother skin

I’m looking forward to continuing with the line to see what other benefits it can give, and I’ll report back when I do!

In the meantime, I put together a video to show you guys a little bit more of the line. Check it out to get a better idea of the textures, smell and performance of Beautycounter Countertime!


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