Roll with Me

Picture this: You’re in the middle of a massage, relaxing, your body melting into the table as the spa music plays and the scent of lavender wafts around you.

It’s the first time you’ve slowed down in days/weeks/months/years, and the masseuse asks if there’s any place in your body that carries tension.

You bite back the words before they come out of your mouth, but want to say so badly: “My face!!!”

Wait, has this ever been you? Are you weird like me?

Because that’s the answer I want to give every time I have had a massage and the therapist asked that question. But I never do, because there is something that sounds super strange about a person who says the most tense part of her body is her face.

But it’s true! I blame my the exertion of my facial muscles on my… ability and propensity to express my emotions very well. I attribute this due in large part to the fact that I’m Italian and there is no emotion I can feel that won’t immediately cross over my face. (Don’t take me to the poker table.)

So you can imagine my excitement when I came across several articles online talking about the benefits of one jade roller–a gadget that not only (allegedly) helps your skincare products to soak in better, but also helps with relaxing and toning your facial muscles. I was so excited to get my paws on this new device to see if it was helpful at all in terms of smoothing my skin, or at the very least helping me to relax that much more when I put my skin care products on at night.

You may have seen beauty junkies all over social media lately showing off their gorgeous green gadgets. I got mine on Amazon for a great price and have been trying it out lately.

Before I let you know my thoughts, a little backstory on jade rollers.

Jade is a stone believed in Chinese culture to help clear out and balance your chi (“qi,” it’s actually spelled), or energy. The cool touch of the stone and the fact that you’re literally pushing the skincare products into your skin a little more with this gadget are additional benefits. Apparently women have been using this gadget for centuries for its cosmetic and spiritual benefits.

So what do I think?

I am queen of the Woo Woo (I say this with no shame, please know), so it should come as no surprise that I did feel some sort of relaxation associated with this routine. I roll at nighttime, right after I’ve washed and toned my face, and right before I put only serum/oil and moisturizer. I move the stone upward on my neck and cheeks, and also upward between my eyes.

The cooling feeling of running the jade stone over the skin… very nice. And I also do feel more relaxed after this short ritual. Is it the mysterious POWER OF THE JADE, or was it the fact that I was just massaging my face on a regular basis? Who knows. But mama likey. The fact that it does help (albeit nominally) with product absorption is just icing on the cake.

And you know what it’s really awesome for? Soothing your undereye area. The jade tends to stay cool, even when stored at room temperature, so it’s a great way to speed the de-puffing of your undereye area in the mornings.

So, yes. The jade roller. It gets two enthusiastic–and newly-relaxed–thumbs up from me.

Go forth and roll. Who needs a masseuse to relax anyway? 😉

(If you’re looking for a handy primer on how to use a jade roller, this is a really helpful article! And this one too!)

Do you have any relaxation rituals at night? Have you ever tried a jade roller? Let me know in Comments below!

P.S. I’m always late, and this 5-minute makeup routine saves me every time, and here’s why I’m using more natural skincare lately.

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger who realizes how weird you probably think it is that she rolls a stone across her face each night. She will continue to do so anyway. Let’s chat! Reach out here to chat, collaborate or with any questions.

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