No Glamour to See Here

Today is One of Those Days.

You know what I’m talking about. Have you had one lately?

Up ALLLL night with a sick baby. Exhausted all morning. Dirty dishes crowding the sink. A toddler who very loudly decided he did NOT want to go to swim lessons this morning. A baby–dripping snot–who was literally attached to my leg, all morning.

I adapt my schedule as much as I can to squeeze in every possible moment with the kids. Getting ready for work, I’ve started doing my makeup while sitting Indian-style on the floor so I can be at Little Person level. (Shockingly, this has only resulted once in my eyeliner being used as a crayon to color the kitchen table.) I stay til the last possible minute to put both kids down for their naps, so the last person they see before they fall asleep is me.

But sometimes, the scheduling and planning goes to pot, and you’re left frustrated and annoyed and irked for no good reason… and… well, with just One of Those Days.

So when someone says to me, “What a glamorous job you have!” I can barely stop myself from snorting my desperately-needed coffee through my nostrils.

Yes, we “pretty up” for work. I put on a massive amount of makeup (fun!) and somewhat-carefully choose my outfits (not so fun!), but my day is whatever is on the opposite end of the scale of “Glamorous.” In fact, I would squarely put what I do every day in the file box of “Surviving.”

Probably sounds familiar.

But for just a short while after the studio camera turns on, I get to pretend for a little while that I’ve got it under control. That it’s all good.

And you know what? As long as I have my family, it is.

Wayward eyeliner, kid snot, exhaustion, dirty dishes, etc etc, et al, ad infinitum…. As long as you can say that too, then that’s all that matters.

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