Should I Send My Kids Back to School?

should i send my kids back to school

There have absolutely been times in the history of the modern world where it has been harder to be a parent, of course, but man, this time we are in right now has got to be on a Top 50 list of sorts.

Making a decision about whether or not to send our kids back into a classroom environment quite literally defines the phrase “between a rock and a hard place,” and if you’re anything like me, you’ve had more than one anxious night trying to sleep when pondering this question.

Should I Send My Kids Back to School?

First things first, there is no “right” decision when it comes to sending kids back to school.

What there is? A best case scenario for each family. So let’s run through some opinions.

The author of this article does a great job of explaining who she–as an expert on education–thinks should go back to a classroom setting. It takes into account various factors including finances, parents’ employment, health, age and more. I think you’ll really enjoy this read.

This article comes at this complicated issue from a scientific perspective, and lands squarely here: That kids need to return to classrooms, because that’s where they learn best.

This article is just, well, eye-opening. It compares what we are doing as a country versus other countries.

Talk about credentials. This author, who’s both a dad and an epidemiologist, says kids should go back to school, and here’s why.

I know, I know. It’s a lot, right?

Opinions are wonderful, and facts are even better. But to the parent who’s struggling to decide even after reading all that? Here’s my advice. I posted this on IG this past weekend and stand by it as being the most accurate way to decide. Maybe it can help you tune into your own thoughts and feelings, too.

Honest question: Does any parenting decision feel like a slam dunk right now?

Here is a short list of the decisions I make, or have to make, that I question daily:

1 – Did I allow them too much iPad time?
2 – Did I get them outside long enough to get some activity in?
3 – Should I bring them into the store/post office/(enter location) with me today or will it expose them to too many germs?
4 – Did I yell too much? Was my temper too short?
5 – Did i give each of them enough individuality attention?
6 – Should I worry about this mild fever they have?
7 – What in the hell are we going to do for school this year?
8 – When will we see family again?
9 – HOW LONG is this insanity going to last?!!!

All of it, all day, every day. Questioning myself, their well-being, our plans for what’s next. It’s just SO MUCH.

I know you’re there with me, so let me just give you the most non-expert but best advice ever—the only barometer you’ll need to measure any and all of the questions you, too, ask yourself daily.

Take a moment, get quiet, and tap into that mom intuition you—and only you—have, for your kids. Remember that feeling you got when your baby was placed into your arms for the first time and something deep inside just clicked? Something that told you, “No matter what, YOU are the one who knows this little soul best.” Reach back to that moment and grab onto that feeling, the one that’s still there, no matter if your baby is in diapers or driving a car. YOU KNOW, mama. You know your baby. Your child. And you know her better than anyone else. And when all the noise quiets, you use that intuition you have to answer all those questions you have.

Sometimes the most complex questions have the simplest answers.

Your gut, your intuition, your Knowing… you have it, and you trust THAT. Ignore everything, and everyone, else. That’s how we go forward. And that’s how we answer the un-answerable.

You’ve always known what’s best. You just have to remember to listen.

Now, I have to know: Where do you stand? Drop me a line on IG or in Comments below. I just love hearing from you guys!


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