Snag This: Chantecaille’s New Lipstick/Balm Hybrid is the Bomb

chantecaille lupine lipstick review

Sometimes it’s the little things that make this #LockdownLife a little easier.

In this case, it is something that is quite literally, well, little. The new Chantecaille lipstick/balm hybrid in Lupine is making my tired little quarantine face a little happier these days, so duh, I thought I’d share with you, too!

Chantecaille Lip Chic in Lupine

chantecaille lupine lipstick review

What Does It Feel Like?

The first thing to know is that this formula isn’t quite a lipstick, and it’s not quite a balm.

Consistency-wise, it’s more like a balm, but it has the color payoff is really great. One thing to note: It won’t last as long as a traditional lipstick, so keep it on hand to reapply. That’s the downside of a formula with a ton of moisture; it can “slide off” lips a little more than a regular liptick.

The Shade

The best way I can describe the shade is a universal, cool-toned pink. I’ve worn this when my hair was on the darker brown side, as well as on the lighter side, and it worked with both shades. For reference, my skin is medium-toned with olive undertones.

How I Wear It

This is simple: I wear it on its own, no liner. You can absolutely use a liner to help keep it within your lips’ borders (this is my favorite universal lip liner shade), but it is absolutely fine on its own!

chantecaille lupine review

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