So, How You Doing?

Things That Have Been Keeping Me Distracted

We were driving to the beach last week (one of our last days before I went full-on #selfquarantine), and I had A Moment in the car. By A Moment, I mean a mini anxiety attack. No major physical symptoms, but a racing mind, chest pains, and an overall inability to calm TF down.

Things are a little… difficult lately. I know you know it. So, how have you been?

I know we don’t know each other–like know know–but let me say with complete sincerity, I’m sending you all the possible good vibes one can transmit through a computer right now, because I know, it’s been rough.

Sometimes a little smile can make a huge difference, so here are some things that have been keeping me laughing, smiling, or otherwise distracted. Hope they help you a little today, too.

bitch bible podcast

The Bitch Bible Podcast

Jackie’s take on, well, everything—but lately, the coronavirus scare—had me laughing so hard while cleaning up the kitchen with my AirPods on the other day, my family was convinced I had lost the plot.

Things That Have Been Keeping Me Distracted| wear pepper bras

Bras for Small-Chested Ladies (Ahem)

I came across Wear Pepper the other day, and I cannot wait to try one. As other small-chested ladies know, it’s hard to find bras that don’t gap, slip, or otherwise fit like total crap. These bras have gotten great reviews. Will let you know my thoughts after I try!

dyson corrale flat iron review

The Dyson Corrale Flat Iron Review

I did it! While partially embarrassed to have sunk that kind of money into a flat iron, the truth is, Dyson has a reputation for creating hot tools that work, especially for thick, coarse or otherwise hard-to-style hair (me, me and me). My overall verdict as to whether it’s worth the price tag? Check out the video to see!

Things That Have Been Keeping Me Distracted | heal thy self podcast review

Dr. G

Are you familiar with Dr. Christian Gonzalez? His podcast, Heal Thy Self, is full of good tips to minimize the impact of environmental toxins on your body and health, and his latest episodes about coronavirus and boosting immune health are especially helpful.

picture this clothing review

Picture This Clothing

I won’t even ask, because I know the answer to the question, “Are you looking for something to keep your kids entertained/distracted during this interminable lockdown?” is a resounding HELL F’ING YES. Allow me to introduce you to Picture This Clothing, which allows your little Donna Karan (or Virgil Abloh)-in-the-making to design their own dress or shirt, and have it printed and brought to life! We just got ours, and the quality is so, so good. The cotton fabric has that softness and swingy feel. The kids adore their creations!

Eyeing Up

Will we ever mingle again in the cool, evening spring air? GAH, I sure hope so. But no matter, when we finally do get out again, I think I’ll finally be excited about dressing up again. Dreaming and getting distracted of these little numbers helps me get there.

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