So Your Gut is a Mess? Here’s Why I’m Using (and Loving) Kashaya Probiotics

kashaya probiotics review basic info how they work

Kashaya Probiotics Review

It’s safe to say you know by this point how essential probiotics are to your health, right?

There’s no shortage of press on the benefits of adding more good bacteria to your gut. But what’s really confusing is deciding which one to take.

I, for one, have tried lots of brands and delivery systems over the years. The ones I took were usually in capsule form, and they work great. But I decided to add another form of probiotics into my routine. A recent gut panel I did was, well, let’s say less than stellar. I mean, after an entire childhood of ear infections being treated with antibiotics, followed up by a period of ten years as an adult where every time I had a sinus infection I’d get a Z-pack, it was a literal disaster zone in my gut.

It’s strange, because I never experienced symptoms of leaky gut or bad digestion. But this panel revealed I had some serious work to do to get my gut health to where it should be.

Enter Kashaya Probiotics.

The Backstory on Kashaya Probiotics

It always starts at home, and for Kashaya Probiotics founder Anjali Pati, it was no different. Her mom is an integrative doctor, so she was raised in a health-conscious environment where she says topics like grounding, EMF, supplementation and more were regular dinner table talk.

Went to school in Portland for naturopathy after graduating college. What inspired her the most was understanding the microbiome, and how integrated it is with every aspect of our health. She says from the organ systems to the GI tract to more, the microbiome is responsible for keeping health in check.

So she became interested in creating a bio-available food probiotic that can work better in the system.

She focused on the bacteria strains we get from our mothers at birth, mixing it with prebiotics to keep those good bacteria alive, to come to their current formulation.

The Difference of a “Living Probiotic” vs. Capsule Probiotic

They’re mixing the probiotic strain in with the coconut milk, fermenting it for over 24 hours with a proprietary process. “The more multiplication that happens throughout that process, the higher CFU count.”

Add to that the fact that they ferment at around the same temperature of the body. And that means that it’s more bio-available–i.e. ready to work–when it gets into your system.

What Happens When You Take a Good Probiotic

Anjali says there are a lot of things it does when a good probiotic hits your system.

1 – It colonizes the esophagus, digestive system and more, with that beneficial bacteria.

2 – It “eradicates the bad bacteria,” which is why she says when you eat a lot of it, you may notice an upset stomach or loose stool.

But Anjali says that’s not bad! It just means your body is feeling the effects of the bacteria a little quicker. This bad bacteria “die off” is the start to the process.

3 – It starts to seal the gut lining.

She says if you experience leaky gut or any issues with gut lining, the good bacteria get in there and “seal the gaps.”

How Long Do You take a Probiotic to Heal a Leaky Gut?

Anjali says this will differ for everyone because our gut health is so dependent on our diet. But usually, she says customers can see an improvement in their health in 6-8 weeks.

And beyond that, don’t stop! Anjali says to continue to see the impact of a good probiotic, you should stay on it to help keep your system healthy.

How Can You Tell if Your Probiotic is Working?

Anjali says to monitor if your leaky gut is healing, the main thing you’ll notice is better digestion overall. But healing leaky gut can take time, so she’s suggests taking a digestion panel before and after doing a probiotic routine to gauge your process. (I use the Viome testing kit to monitor my gut health.)

When Should You Take Your Probiotic?

Since you want nothing to get in the way of the power of your probiotic, the best way to take it, Anjali says, is to take it about a half hour before eating, or after you’ve fully digested.

And also, don’t drink any hot liquids after taking your probiotic, which can impact its effectiveness.

Are Probiotics Safe for Kids?

Anjali says it’s never too early to boost your child’s immune system with a good probiotic, though she says since Kashaya has coconut milk in it, to not give it to infants younger than 6 months.

Of course talk with your doctor, integrative doctor, or health advisor to find out what would be best for your kids.

When my kids were babies and I was nursing, I would take a powder probiotic and put it on my nipples just before they latched, to make sure they got some probiotics in their system. (Our first was born via emergency C-section in an absolutely insane 34-hour labor, and I was ultra conscious about gut health even back then!)

These days, now that my kids are 7, 5 and 3, I give them their own probiotic tablet designed for kids, as well as Kashaya yogurt.

Here’s How to Do It:

I take about two heaping tablespoons of Kashaya, add in a half teaspoon of fresh preserves, whip it up with this handheld milk frother to make it nice and fluffy, and give them their morning smoothie. Try it! It works! The kids love starting their day with a little treat.

Okay, now you’ve got to listen to the podcast episode:

Now it’s your turn! Drop me your favorite probiotic brands and supplements below. I want to know what works for you.


6 thoughts on “So Your Gut is a Mess? Here’s Why I’m Using (and Loving) Kashaya Probiotics”

  1. Hi Sonni!

    What a wonderful day and time having the opportunity to be featured on your podcast. Thank you so much for inviting me and sharing my story. So grateful you believe so much in us and our mission and vision.



    1. I truly do! When something WORKS, I can’t help but shout from the mountaintops about it. Keep up the good work! I will be continuing to spread the word.

    1. Hey Dr. Pati! It really is SUCH an amazing product! I can affirmatively say no other probiotic has had such an instant impact on my health. Congrats on making such an amazing product!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Kashaya. It has helped to heal my gut over and over these past few years. My 13-year-old son loves Kashaya too and I add it to our smoothies. I definitely feel gut-healing on a deeper level using Kashaya. I cannot tolerate dairy and this is a WONDERFUL substitution. I cannot say enough good things about Kashaya, it’s a MUST TRY in my book! Thank you for such a yummy product, I feel so much better using Kashaya.

    1. Hey Maggie! It’s amazing to hear you’ve had such good luck with Kashaya! I wholeheartedly agree–this is a unique probiotic that just WORKS, so well. I’m so grateful you took time to check out the post and leave a comment. 🙂 Definitely check out the podcast episode with Anjali too! She explains things so wonderfully. Stay well!

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