Please Bury Me in These Pants

Is that too morbid a title? Anyhow… Good morning, and happy Friday, friends!

Is there any time of the week that’s more suited to comfort wear than the weekend?! That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to yet another awesome find I came across.

So soft. So loose. So not-cutting-into-my-belly.

I think they may be the softest pants I have ever tried on, and the bonus is—while they’re not maternity wear in any way—they fit so well on a big belly, that they work just as well for expecting mamas as they do for regular ladies!

They’re called Leisure Pants by Alexis Mera.

I found these on sale at my Barre 3 studio, but of course they’re also sold online. Since I bought my first pair, I have gone back for more and let me tell you, I am addicted!

Even better news? Some of her styles are now 50% off! Check those out here!

Grab ‘em while they’re hot! And soft!

Also, I cannot, in good conscience, post this without sharing with you the most incredible video ever. Because this is us all (okay, it’s at least me) in my “activewear.”

See you guys soon!

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