Just a Couple More Days

Here are some things that don’t mix: packing up an entire household; tending to three children ages 5 and under; ear infections; and the inability to string together more than four consecutive hours of sleep for days on end.

I know this sounds like a random stringing-together of otherwise disparate things, but you’re just going to have to trust me on this.

If you read my post from yesterday, you know by now that we are currently in the process of moving across town, and because new construction is basically a compound synonym “a project that is never done when it’s supposed to be,” we are currently living in limbo. No furniture in our old house (and no furniture in our new house, either) means we have relocated for the time being for just a couple days.

And so we’re spending a couple nights at the nearby beach. The sunshine and the waves do a badass job of wearing out The Littles for bedtime, and I also get to enjoy the rare luxury of digging my toes into the sand and just staring mindlessly out into the sky for a while. Something I am in desperate need of lately.

It’s not just that moving has been a touch emotional for me, but it’s also that the effort that goes into keeping our lives and schedules relatively intact while literally tearing apart our house is, well, exhausting.

But guys? I’m starting to feel it. The little flutters of excitement about the fact that, what for so long in my mind was just a big pile of dirt and a dream, is actually coming together.

I’ve always been one of those people who doesn’t get excited until what I want is firmly within my grasp. I hate that unique pit-in-the-stomach pain of dashed expectations, so that results in me literally waiting until the last minute to fully enjoy things that are on the horizon.

But we’re finally getting there. We’re in the homestretch. From a pile of dirt, to boards and floors, to now decorations and finishes and fixtures, we are seeing it all come together. It’s real. And I’m going to let myself enjoy the excitement of it all. For the house, sure, but also for all the new memories we are going to make there.

That? That’s worth all the stress in the world.

I’m also posting a ton about the new house on my Instagram stories, so be sure to follow along there!







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