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Gifts for Valentine's Day

On My Radar: Valentine's Day

It’s that special time of year that makes you want to stick your head in a toilet and drink #allthewine. Just kidding! I dig Valentine’s Day. Really!

The Perfect (Last-Minute) Sparkly New Year's Eve Outfits

In the interest of total transparency, my New Year’s Eve is probably going to look a whole lot like this scene from Home Alone; but on the off chance I’m dragged out of the house to be social, you can bet I will be wearing #allthesequins.

Holiday Gift Guide Best Athleisure - Sonni

Holiday Gift Guide: All the Athleisure

Remember how, before having kids, you would wonder to yourself upon seeing a frazzled/screaming/disheveled/otherwise-batshit-crazy mom chasing her kids around the store/park/Starbucks in her trusty athleisure uniform and be all, “Ugh, that will NEVER be me.”

Black and White Grandpa Blazer

I so want to get quippy and make some comic tie-in between my love for this grandpa blazer and all the grandma-like things I’ve got going on my life these days (exhaustion, advancing to middle age, etc etc), but I gotta shoot you straight and tell you, girlfriend is wiped. Ain’t happenin’ tonight.

Classic and Casual Fall Capsule Wardrobe

My husband and I have a running joke. Every night, as my finger hovers over the “Set Alarm” button on my iPad, I ask the same question out loud: “Should I do it?”

This is 37 (and My Favorite Affordable Clothing Line)

They’re the friends on your feed or in real life who always have–as the name indicates–fabulous birthdays. Let me rephrase that: faaaaaaaabulous birthdays. They drink mimosas on rooftop lounges for brunch. They stuff a limo full of best friends and drive around to all the hot spots in town.