Super Simple Low Messy Bun Tutorial

Let’s talk about hairstyles that get you out the door quickly with minimal effort. Because if mama’s about anything lately, it’s minimal effort. Enter the super simple low messy bun tutorial!

low messy hair bun tutorial

If you’re like me and on the twice-a-week washing plan, this is a great style to put into rotation, since it’s great for second, third or even fourth-day hair.

Real talk: I have to shower and wash my hair at night usually, and by the time we get all three kids down, the last thing I want to do is wrangle my hair into submission with the hair dryer… Therefore, the 4-day wash cycle and super simple low messy bun!

products for a Super Simple Low Messy Bun

What I Used

low messy hair bun tutorial
smiling in a foral robe and messy bun

And Here’s What I Did

The video below will show you in detail how to execute a super simple low messy bun, but here are the basics!


First, part your hair down the middle.

Then, take a 1-inch wide section of hair on each side, right at the front. Twist it away from your face and tuck right behind your ear, securing the bottom with a bobby pin. (This will feel “undone,” but we’ll take care of that later!)

Gather hair into a ponytail in the middle or at the base of your head. Secure tightly. Rather than pulling the pony all the way through on the last twist, do it halfway, leaving a tail of hair out.

Take half of that tail and wrap it around the elastic in one direction. Take the other half and wrap in the opposite direction.

Tuck any loose strands into the base of the pony, securing with a bobby pin.

Loosen up the twists at the front of your face to your liking, or leave them sleek.

a back shot of a super simple bun

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