5-Minute Makeup Routine

Everybody has some place to be, and often, quickly. For me, that place is in my van… stuck in a line of cars that’s being held up by nearby construction as I pound my fists onto my steering wheel and try to prevent myself from unleashing a string of expletives in front of the kids, wondering out loud (for the tenth time that week, likely) why I didn’t leave my house earlier to drop my kids off at school.

How (and Why) to Double Cleanse

Enter the double cleanse. This routine is guaranteed to make your skin healthier by getting it cleaner in the most gentle of ways. If you haven’t tried double cleansing, now is the time!

Tie in Style with Teleties

One time, long long ago, in the terrible, horrible wasteland called High School, a girl named Sonni boarded a school bus, giddy with the anticipation of arriving home after a long day in the classroom.

Berry Lips for Spring

I distinctly remember the arrival of spring up North, not so much for the look or even feel of the changed weather, but because of the smell of it…a mix of fresh grass and baseball infield dirt and the explosion of six–no, nine–months’-worth of kids’ pent-up craziness.

3 Simple Wellness Swaps

In my quest for healthier living, I’ve made some changes to my health and wellness routines at home that I’d love to share. These three simple swaps will rid your routine of unnecessary toxins, all while keeping your health and hygiene intact!

Beautycounter + Me

If you’ve been lurking around this site for a while–first, thank you! (and HELLO!)–you know that I generally trend toward “safer” beauty products when it comes to what I use and recommend.