3 Simple Wellness Swaps

In my quest for healthier living, I’ve made some changes to my health and wellness routines at home that I’d love to share. These three simple swaps will rid your routine of unnecessary toxins, all while keeping your health and hygiene intact!

Why I Oil Pull

It’s the trend that’s been sweeping all the natural health corners of the web for years now, and guess who’s now on board in a big way with oil pulling?

Lord (and Lady) of the Rings

I tend to be a real holdout when it comes to new technologies. Early adopter, I am not…So when it came to the Apple Watch—or any other “smart” watch—I wasn’t exactly eager to try that technology either. Like, ever.

That Stuck Spot

These days, nestled somewhere between power washing the driveway and re-organizing my sock drawer on my list of priorities is working out.

Barre for Babies and Mamas

Lisa Schale-Drake is a Master Trainer with Barre 3, and she took some time to answer some questions for us about why barre-based workouts might be a good consideration for any mom who wants to work up a sweat.

It’s the Little Things… and Green Tea. Lots of Green Tea

After I posted yesterday about the importance of finding joy in our days, I realized it’s the small things in my day that I often find the most pleasure in. And paramount on my list of Favorite Things are food and drinks–specifically, carbs and tea, my two favorite specific types of said categories.