5 Playroom Essentials

Playroom: [pley-room, -roo m] Noun. A room to stash your kids so you can finally go to the bathroom alone. But only for 45 seconds. Because they will find you. (They always find you.)

Guess Where We’re Not?

Today we found out that some sprinklers need to be fixed, there are shards of roofing littering the yard (no bueno for all the little bare feet that will be running about), the glass on the master shower is missing, and some other little things still need tweaking.

Just a Couple More Days

Here are some things that don’t mix: packing up an entire household; tending to three children ages 5 and under; ear infections; and the inability to string together more than four consecutive hours of sleep for days on end.

The Prettiest Essential Holiday Accessory

I joke that during any given day, I accomplish my 12-hour “stand goal” solely by moving within a three-foot radius in my kitchen—-with my sink being at the center point–because in that precise spot is where I spend about 75% of my days.

Baby #3’s Nursery Reveal!

Decorating isn’t one of my “things.” One might aptly file my previous forays into interior furnishings under “Sheer Necessity” and “You’ve Got to Put Some Damn Things in This Room or Your Kid Won’t Have Anywhere to Sleep.”

One Brick at a Time

I love being able to share with you all the big milestones in my life. It’s not my style to shy away from uncomfortable or personal topics, and I love hearing from all of you about everything from motherhood to fashion and beauty products, the work/life “balance” (quotation marks because HELLO, you big lie of a phrase!), and all the other changes and transitions that life doles out.