attachment parenting

Attachment Parenting 101

I’m hardly a by-the-book person. In fact, the dozen or so books on parenting and baby sleep that I bought have all ended up serving as candle-holders on my nightstand, rather than actual resources to inform my mothering.

The Sisterhood

Hey you. Yeah, you. The one who’s sitting, scrolling, exhausted, eyes heavy with exhaustion. Welcome to the sisterhood. Motherhood. We’re a wily bunch here.

VIDEO: A Quick Trip Back Home

It’s always fun to do things you’ve never done before, especially in your own hometown. I’ve done just about everything there is to do that tourist-y and fun in Pittsburgh, having been born and raised there, but there apparently was one fun thing that I missed in my 28 years there…

This is Why Moms Don’t Wear Makeup*

(*usually). Sometimes you get the crazy idea in your head that it is, in fact, possible to put on a full face of makeup with three young kids in the house. And then, you realize that you are a fool. A complete and utter fool.

5 Playroom Essentials

Playroom: [pley-room, -roo m] Noun. A room to stash your kids so you can finally go to the bathroom alone. But only for 45 seconds. Because they will find you. (They always find you.)

The Problem with Thoughts and Prayers

“If I sit really, really close to the door,” she said. “If someone came running down the hall with a gun, I wouldn’t have time.”
Please take a moment to process that quote. Really read it. Those words came from a high school student.

One Whole Year

For all of its daily joys, the biggest knock on parenthood is the suddenly-crystal-clear lens through which you begin to finally grasp the relentless speed at which life is passing.