Little Traveler

You know what one of the coolest things about babies is? You know, besides them being adorable, squishy, always happy to see you, and the fact that they love to chew on your knuckles while they’re teething and therefore kind of feel like little baby lions?

Ready for Anything in Carter’s

Can we talk for a minute about baby clothes? More accurately, can we talk about how fast babies grow out of baby clothes? It’s one of the small frustrations of early parenthood: Have a kid, realize you want to dress kid cute, buy a bunch of cute clothing, watch kid grow out of said cute clothes in like two seconds flat.

But Seriously, It Flies

I know I’m not the only parent who looks at her kid and thinks, “Holy crap, where did the time go?” Never in a million years would I think that all those people who talked about how fast it goes would be right.