All the Baby Products I Bought and Didn’t Use

We bought and didn’t use many things over the course of our three pregnancies and births. I’m here to share what you can save your cash on, because college is coming a lot sooner than you think and that is something you should actually be spending money on for your kids.

My Newborn & Baby Essentials

Our new bundle isn’t here yet (7 weeks to go!), but I’m already getting ready for those first couple months at home when we will be hunkering down, doing nothing but chilling out and sleeping.

6 Simple (Non-Expert) Tips to Declutter for Spring

My biological nesting urge from my third pregnancy, combined with the coming onset of the new season, has resulted in me lately being inspired to purge our household. The goal isn’t to pare down to bare minimum, but rather to eliminate some of the visual noise from our house as we welcome another human into our home, and to free up some much-needed mental space to raise said child.