That Gut Feeling

It’s been a little while since we talked about working here…I’m talking about working a job. An out-of-the-house, insurance-providing, answering-to-an-actual-human-boss kind of job. (And not toddler humans. Adult humans.)

How Do You Work Best?

Yes, I’m that weirdo you see at Starbucks talking to her phone and saying things like, “I’ll call you right back, semicolon. I’m holding the baby, period. See you soon, exclamation point!”

Just Gonna Leave This Here

You guys, I had such a great experience at BlogHer here in Orlando today. I couldn’t go to more than one day’s worth of events (#childcareissues #momlife), but today I got to listen to and speak with some incredible, smart and motivated women who made me more excited about than ever this new journey that I’m on.

The Other Side of the Camera

Since I started blogging, I came to realize–very quickly–the importance of photography. As much as the words matter, the pictures matter, too. So that’s why I started an unofficial photography course as of today. As of now, I know how to press the button. ?

The 3 Month Check-In

I knew at some point it would happen, and today it did. When talking with a woman I’ve known for years asked how I was doing “not working,” and I said, “Great!” I got The Look. The “You Gotta Be Kidding Me, Lady” look.