“That’s MY Charging Cable!” …and Other Stupid Things Couples Fight About

stupid things couples fight about

If someone would have told me before my husband and I said “I do” that some of the most explosive fights we would have would revolve around the quality of the frothiness of dish soap, I would have laughed in your face… and then maybe purchased stock in Dawn.

But as my fellow Married’s (or long-term partners) can attest, the shit you fight the most about as couples tend to be the smallest–we could even classify them as the stupidest–things ever.

First things first: I adore Andrew. (I feel the need to say that because there’s always the person the room who’s all stop whiiiiining about your husbaaaaaand so CAN IT, KAREN!)

By every standard, he’s a modern, participating-in-household-chores, not-whining, badass husband man. Like, he empties the dishwasher every morning and he lets me sleep in regularly. A gem of a guy, really.

But I can’t help but laugh every time I look back at the things that we get into tiffs about the most, because truly, they are small. (But so annoying!)

In random order, the little things we always squabble over:

  • Charging cables for our devices. Let me say this, affirmatively: THERE ARE NEVER ENOUGH APPLE CHARGING CABLES ONE CAN OWN. EVER. Do you also find yourself reaching for a cable to charge your phone at night and somehow, somewhere, they’ve mysteriously vanished? Learn from me: DO NOT BLAME YOUR SPOUSE. Or at the very least, mark your cables with bright pink neon Sharpie dots. Then, you can prove you’re right when he tries to blame you… errrr… I mean… you can always find yours!!
  • The nasty-ass water that he washes dishes with in the sink. I am firmly #teamlotsofbubbles over here. We all know you can’t properly clean dishes in brown water that has lost its bubble frothiness. Yes, bubble frothiness is a thing. And no, Andrew’s dishwashing water never has it. So, I sneak over and let the drain out and refill it. He loves this. By “loves this,” I mean “thoroughly hates and despises this.”
  • The number of device screens I, or my kids, have broken over the past two years. Admittedly, I’m a klutz. But let me just state for the record: Kids and screens do not go well together. Nor do screens and always-distracted mothers. Add these two variables together and disaster always ensues. I can now say that AppleCare is very much a good investment if you’re anything like us.

If marriage is indeed the coming together of “a thousand little things,” then surely charging cables must be on the list of things we need to overcome. (Just try the Sharpie trick. Trust me.)

Now I’ve gotta know: What are the small things you and your partner fight about? Lay ’em on me! I can’t wait to hear!


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