The 3 Tests Every Woman Should Ask Her Doctor For NOW

Romie Mushtaq

I worked in TV for fifteen years and have interviewed quite literally hundreds of people, and very few blow me away with not only their sheer intelligence, but also their spirit and approachability. Dr. Romie Mushtaq is one of those few exceptions.

I had been asking Dr. Romie Mushtaq for a podcast interview for literally months, and we finally connected last week in studio to talk. After we finished recording, we moved over to a nearby conference room and kept talking for another hour–straight–and could have spent hours more.

I am stupid excited to share this episode with you all because this episode is so chock full of practical and inspirational information that it’s insane.

First, Dr. Romie as a person. She is warm, fiercely intelligent, approachable, calm and measured with her words, and an overall badass.

Now, Dr. Romie as a professional: Former neurologist, current Chief Wellness Officer (we talk about what that entails), TED speaker, author, yogi and more.

In this episode we talk:

+ Being a trailblazer in medicine

+ Why women sometimes feel like they need to choose between family and work

+ The life-altering diagnosis that made her adjust her career path

+ The importance of mindful breathing

+ Hormones (and why they’re a real b****)

+ Thyroid issues and women

+ Transitioning careers

And so much more. Seriously, she is a WEALTH of information. And we may or may not shed tears at one point in the podcast too. 🙂

As promised in the episode itself, I wanted to list the exact tests Dr. Romie says all women should be asking for from their doctors:

1 – Full thryoid panel (this should be 8 tests total)

2 – Anemia

3 – Vitamin D3 levels

And HERE are the magnesium supplements Dr. Romie Mushtaq suggests buying.

I am so, SO in love with Dr. Romie’s vibe. And I’m honored to be the conduit of all of this incredible information she has for all of us. Practical and inspirational… this episode has it all!

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