MY NOSE PORES WILL HAUNT YOUR DREAMS (or, The Beautycounter Review, Part 1)

Once upon a time there was a pregnant lady whose face erupted in a red and puffy rash so itchy and vile that she had to rush to urgent care for immediate attention, only to be told by the doctor that they couldn’t do anything about it because she was pregnant.

So Helpless Pregnant Lady went about scaring young children and other delicate souls for about a week (a WEEK!) as her face slowly deflated back to normal.

Hello, I’m Pregnant Lady!

My skin has been strangely sensitive this go-round, so when I got the chance to review some beauty products from a line that’s known to cater to the very sensitive and picky customer, I jumped at the chance! Guys, I’m so, so excited to bring you along with me over the next couple weeks as I test drive some new products by this company that’s gained some press for some very good reasons over the past few years.

First, some notes about the brand.

As many beauty consumers trend toward products without what some deem questionable ingredients, demand is up for brands that cater to those of us who are picky about what we use.

Enter Beautycounter!

My rep, Jessica (check out her page by clicking the link or going here:, sent me over some products to try for both me and the kids, and I can’t wait to see how they work. She listened to my concerns about my skin’s sensitivity and she came up with a tailor-made list of goodies that would nourish my skin without sending me back to urgent care.

When you work with a Beautycounter rep, you get that kind of personalized advice. It kinda rocks.

So, here’s what I got and will be using for the next two weeks:

Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Nourishing Night Cream

Balancing Facial Oil

Body Butter, in Citrus Mimosa

Purifying Charcoal Mask

Nice Do Kids Shampoo

And what has already become an instant obsession with me, even after one try, the Lip Sheer in Terra:

Really looking forward to seeing how these products deliver!

AND! Huge update! Jessica will be doing a gift with purchase for anyone who buys Beautycounter through her site   and her site only! So make sure you click through that link when you check out the products!

Stay tuned!

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