The Best Clean Sunscreens for Kids (and Adults)

The Best Clean Sunscreens for Kids (and Adults)

It’s summer, and I’m all about safe–read: mineral-only–sun protection, so let’s talk about the best formulas you can find at your local drugstore!

This summer, there’s no reason to buy separate sunblocks for you and the kids. Living in Florida, I’ve tested so many sunblocks, and I’m happy to report back that these are some of my favorite formulations, most of which can be found at your local drugstore.

Let’s do this!

The Best Sunblocks for Kids

The Best Sunblocks for Kids & Adults

Beautycounter SPF stick

Stick formulations are always best for application when it comes to getting SPF onto kids’ faces. They go on easy and don’t slide off.

This guy is a zinc oxide-based formula that you is super safe. I always keep a sunblock stick in the console of my car, too, so I can apply to the backs of my hands when I drive. Hands need sun protection, too! Also, since it’s super easy to pack, I’ve grabbed this on the times I’ve forgotten to pack an SPF for the beach or pool.

Want other stick formulas? This one and this one are good options too!


Sun Bum Mineral Spray

I always keep a bottle of spray SPF on hand at our house; also when we head to the beach. For convenience (and fidgety kids), nothing beats an SPF spray.

This formula a zinc oxide-based formula that sprays evenly onto the skin. Leave it on thick and white if you want super duper sun protection, or blend out if you want it to look more sheer.

Worth noting: All spray SPF’s should be applied more liberally to get adequate sun protection. The diffusion that occurs when you spray on a product means that it’s less concentrated; therefore can be less effective on the skin. So don’t be shy, and reapply!


Australian Gold Mineral SPF 30 (also comes in 50)

I don’t love that this formula has fragrance in it, but it’s currently in our rotation because it is a very blendable, mineral-only formula that applies easily on the kids. It also dries down and doesn’t leave any stickiness on your skin.

This lotion protected us well in the Florida sunshine, although I’ll probably look for a fragrance-free product when this runs out. Still, a solid drugstore option!


CeraVe Mineral SPF 30

This is another good drugstore option! Formulated with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, this is a creamy and hydrating formula that also blends out easily, so it doesn’t leave a white cast behind.


ThinkBaby Mineral SPF 50

This formula gives serious sun protection. A little thicker than the others, you can rest assured that this creamy lotion will protect against the sun’s harshest rays.

Just note: It takes a little while for this to soak in, so give it a few minutes if you’re applying this then getting dressed. But if it’s protection you’re after, this one is definitely a great option.

The Best Sunblocks for Kids

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