The Best Maternity Clothing Shopping

Since you’re only using them for a relatively short amount of time, maternity clothes aren’t something many people want to invest too much money in, or too much time into finding.

I’ve compiled a list of my top three sites I turn to with each pregnancy that consistently have really cute clothing, at really good prices. This isn’t your mom’s muumuu maternity wear. Enjoy:

This is an awesome flash-sale website with daily deals on clothing for men, women and kids, as well as beauty products, accessories, shoes, home goods and more. They update sales daily and reliably have something you didn’t know you needed, until you see it. Search “maternity” in the search bar to find all their current available items. They don’t always list their maternity sales on their home page, so make sure to do this!

Note: You have to register to get access to the site. It’s free!

This Kimi + Kai beauty is 71% OFF right now. I mean, $20 for a dress perfect for work or dinner? YES. Just one example of the many awesome items they have.

Another flash sale site, but they tend to carry more higher-end brands. Sign up (for free) and search “maternity” to get pages upon pages of equally awesome—and discounted—maternity items, like this one:

I mean, seriously? Does it get any cuter for $39?? Dress by PinkBlush Maternity.

This site is known for having the latest trends at incredible prices for everyone, and the lineup for pregos is no different. The cute “Girl” graphic t-shirt I’m wearing in the main image of this post? From here. The only downside is, their maternity stuff tends to sell out quickly because it’s so damn cute and so well-priced that reproducing women everywhere want to get their hands on all of it LIKE NOW. Try this site right away. I promise you won’t be sorry!

New Look Maternity Faux Fur Jacket – meet winter weather. For $38. (!!!!!!!!!!)

Preggo jeggings. Because you can.

There are very few times in your life you can get away with wearing this. Embrace it.

Happy shopping, friends!

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