The Best Products for Glowing Skin


Summer is on its way out, but there’s no reason to ditch the glowing skin. I personally used to be scared of looking too shiny, but if you use the right products, a glow is easy to achieve! Here are the best products.


makeup products for glowing skin


The Base

Primers are great, but a matte finish primer can flatten out all shine, giving us the opposite effect we’re looking for when you want a look with a glow. But you also want the staying powder that a primer gives you… That’s why you’ve gotta find a formula that gives you that lit-up look, without flattening all dimension.

foundation is a key part of makeup and skin glow

Enter Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow. This gel-like primer has tiny flecks of shimmer in it; the result when you use it is a great way to lock in foundation with a seriously natural, and beautiful, glow.


The Foundation

CC cream helps skin glow

When it’s a glow I’m going for in combination with great coverage, there is one formula I always reach for.

IT Cosmetics CC+ Illumination Foundation has solid coverage and just the right amount of, well, illumination. It gives you a lit-from-within look that’s never greasy looking.


The Highlighter

products for glowing skin

If you like creamy formulas…

The Beautycounter Illuminating Cream Highlighter is a tried-and-true way to get some natural looking glow. I apply right above the apples of my cheeks, toward the outer corner of the eyes, and blend out well. Just a dab will do!

If you like powders…

Swap out the Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Illuminating Powder for your translucent finishing powder if you want a finish that is natural but subtly glowy. This will set your makeup well, but also leave you with a natural finish.

Worth noting: This powder does not have a color to it… It’s more like a finishing powder with a touch of shimmer. But not bad shimmer. Good shimmer! 😀

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Beautycounter highlighting stick available –> HERE

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products for glowing skin

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