The Best Stylish, Affordable Work Clothes are at (Duh) Target

best affordable and cute office wear target

It wasn’t that long ago when I was working full-time in TV news, and every outfit had to be planned out. I had to look put-together, and–especially after kids–I had to do so in increasingly compressed periods of time, usually while getting makeup on. Trust me when I say, no Crossfit workout could challenge the workout of applying straight eyeliner while a child crawls up your leg.

But even though I rarely take a meeting outside of my own house (read: in sweatpants and sitting in my closet on my laptop), I still like to have a few professional-looking pieces on hand for days when I have to meet face-to-face and interact with real live people who I didn’t give birth to.

That’s why I wanted to dedicate a post to this insanely-affordable line that makes pieces that are perfect for work, and at prices so amazing it’s kinda crazy. These are the affordable and cute office wear pieces that make me wish I worked out of the house again. You know, until 6pm arrives.

Professional Clothing at Target: Covered for Work at Every Price Point


A New Day

My absolute hands-down favorite find from Target lately is this A New Day leopard print dress, but there are SO many other options out there–most under $30–that you have to check out!

best affordable and cute office wear target leopard dress

Hat, Booties (similar), Sunglasses

best affordable and cute office wear target leopard dress


best affordable and cute office wear target leopard dress

I’ve put together some of my current favorites, but you can check out the rest of the line here!


Who What Wear

This is another Target in-house line that always hits it out of the park. I’ve written before about my major love for this line, and I also just got this black and white button down that would be perfect for any office. But then, like the procrastinator I am, I put off writing this post by a week and now I can’t find it online!

a collared shirt

a printed shirt and black slacks



Buuuut, lucky us, this line is packed with amazing finds, so there is so, so much more to choose from! Check it out! And I may have to grab up that first leopard one like now.

See? All of the above, proof you don’t have to spend a ton to look like a million bucks at work! Go to Target for affordable and cute office wear!


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