The Best Ways to Stay Sun Safe and Stylish

It’s a funny thing, making the transition from being a full-fledged Northerner to being a Floridian.

There are lots of things that are just so abundant down here. The top three that come to mind? Parking spots, stretches of smooth pavement (I HATE POTHOLES SO BADLY), and sunshine.

But with the sunshine comes the burn. And if you’re not smart about how to avoid or minimize your exposure to it, you can really feel the heat, literally and figuratively.

That’s why I always tell my friends from up North, “You know how you run from building to building in the wintertime, to get from heated space to heated space? That’s what we do in the summertime, except with AC.”

It’s a little game I call, “HolyCrapGetMeOutOfThisFlamingHellholeAndBackIntoCoolAirOrI’llLiterallyExplode.”

The rules are simple: Run. To the AC.

The end.

Anyhow, being the almost-expert at seeking out cool air that I now am, I have some tried-and-true products that help keep me and the family protected from that ferocious–yet lovable–ball of fire we call the sun.

The UPF Sun Dress

You always think about putting SPF on your skin, but what if your clothing provided similar sun protection? I can’t think of an easier way to stay safe in the sun!

That’s why I am super excited to partner with renowned dermatologist Dr. Whitney Boweand sun-safe clothing manufacturer Mott50to show off their new capsule collection together, the Dr. Bowe x Mott 50 UPF 50 Swimwear Capsule Collection.

And you can get 20% off this style with the code “SonniAbatta” at checkout!


There are so many things about this dress that I love–the bright melon shade; the soft feel and quick-dry property of the fabric; the fact that it’s wet/dry (perfect for splashing around with the kids); and most of all, it protects my skin from the sun.

And you guys? After trying this out, I went to the Mott50 websiteand found GOBS of adorable UPF clothing and bathing suits, that I seriously think I’m going to have to add to my collection. (Seriously, how adorable is this orange-print workout gear?!)

Here are some of my other favorites! You can shop them and check out some other options HERE.

An Easy-to-Apply Sunblock

If you want an idea of what it’s like to slather sunblock on children, please imagine your hands covered in oil while trying to grasp a wet seal.

Not easy.

That’s why it’s always great to have a reliable spray sunblock that you can quickly apply while at the pool or beach.

Beautycounter makes my current favorite spray version, but there are lots of other options, too!

Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat

For the added SPF and the cuteness it brings to any bathing suit or beach getup, nothing beats a wide-brimmed hat! I always have mine on hand for the beach, but these can go with everyday outfits and look just as good.


There you have it! Three simple ways to stay stylish and safein the sun! Have fun out there!

Have any sun-safe favorites? Let me know in Comments below!

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