The Best Workout for Pregnancy and New Moms

The Best Workout for Pregnancy and New Moms

Okay so I feel mildly hypocritical doing a post about working out now that I just housed a slice of Publix birthday cake from my son’s party last night (#sorrynotsorry)… 🤷🏼‍♀️

But! I’m nothing if not totally honest, and in all fairness I did totally bust my butt this morning at my barre3 class, so I feel a little more justified in shoving my face with sugar.

ANYHOW! You guys know that I get straight-up preachy about stuff that works, and when that happens the next thing I always have to do is to share it with you all!

So if you’re looking for a good new workout to try for the new year, here’s a few things about @barre3 workouts you should know:

1 – It’s Low Impact

Translation? No more repetitive stress injuries from pounding, high-impact workouts!

For a former long distance runner (with all the hip ailments to prove it) like me, I love that barre is low impact, but still gets your heart pumping. The moves are small and focused, but you seriously SWEAT.


2 – You Don’t Get “Used to” The Workouts

First things first, the instructors switch up their routines weekly. Like the old TJ Maxx commercial said, “It’s never the same place twice!” (Can I get a WhatWhat from my fellow 80s/90s kids?!)

What’s even more interesting is that the longer I’ve done barre3, the harder the workouts feel. This is because, as you continue your practice, you become more familiar with what works for your body and how to best align it to get the most out of your workout. Not kidding when I say I’m more sore now after my workouts than I was after my first few months!


3 – It’s AMAZING for Pregnant and New Moms

I did this workout throughout my entire third pregnancy, and in the 20 months since she was born, I’ve continued.

It’s firmed up my core like running and cardio alone never did. And because the instructors can help you to adapt your postures for your belly and your postpartum bod, I never worried about injuring myself. They seriously customize any move you need to make it work for you!

I interviewed one of the Master Trainers from barre3, who has incredible advice and information for any pregnant or new mom who wants to know more about the workout. Check it out here!

Anyone else out there a barre3 devotee?

And my “Work Hard and Be Nice” (one of my FAVORITE shirts… and sayings;) ) can be found HERE!

The Best Workout for Pregnancy and New Moms - Sonni Abatta

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