The Home Stretch

At 32 weeks, can you call it that?

Anyhow, we are now firmly within two months of our due date (gah!), and I can’t believe how close we are to meeting Baby Girl #2!

There are few things that humble a woman like going through a pregnancy. The physical changes alone are enough to stilt the swagger of even the most confident of women: The swollen ankles, the acne, the weirdo skin rashes, the varicose veins, the weight gain, the joint pain, the constant (CONSTANT!) peeing, the general expanding of your entire body, and if you’re me, the—drum roll please—herniated belly button! You know that joke you make when you see a pregnant lady’s belly button popped out and say, “Looks like the turkey’s all baked!” or something like that? Yeah, that’s me. I thought it was just what everyone’s belly button did when they’re pregnant, but apparently it’s a little tear in my fascia around my belly button, courtesy of my little love muffin baking in there.

But even with all the wacko stuff that happens when you’re putting together a little human, I am still relishing every moment of this pregnancy, and the beauty of feeling all those little kicks throughout the day. I’m gonna ignore that persistent little tweak in my back and just skip–actually, more like waddle–happily along, knowing that (cliché alert) this time truly is a blessing, and one that we will not be experiencing again.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, and we will just be over here absorbing all the crazy beauty of the next couple months.

See you soon!

Photos by Shay Captures.

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