The Imperfect Art of Working to Become an Ally

Journey to Allyship what is an ally

As I dive back into regular content here on the blog, I’d like to ask, How are you?

These past weeks have challenged our humanity–collectively and individually. We have all, hopefully, taken a deep look at what it is we are doing and not doing to make this world a kinder place.

As a believer of practice over preaching, I’d like to address here that I will be working privately to do the learning–the un-learning–even though I may not always be writing about it. It feels a little pat-on-the-back-ish to me to constantly address the changes I’m making; additionally, I’m not even sure if the path I’m taking to educate myself on allyship is always going to be “right.” So I’m protecting it for now, to those closest to me. So please know that I am working furiously inside to do better. And I hope that everyone else will, too.

The Imperfect Journey to Allyship

All that being said, I’d like to share a thought with you that has been helping me to keep this work in perspective.

It’s from a piece I read called “3 Questions to Turn Allyship Into Action,” and the quote is this:

"Ally is a verb."

What I love about that simple, but profound, thought is that it builds in the padding for the inevitable mistakes we will make as we try to do better.

I know I have had conversations with several black friends and colleagues that have already opened my eyes, showing me how I need to adjust even the questions I’m asking about allyship.

The author of the above-cited article, Suruchi Avasthi, also linked to several resources that I found to be helpful. So I’ll share them here, too, as we all continue our journeys.

I’m always here to talk if you want to reach out. So let me know how your journey with allyship is going as well. While not an expert (obviously), it would be fun to go on this enlightenment journey with others.




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